Instagram blowouts

nice and slow for ya


Mate, that is ridiculously sick


Yer Nollie 180 switch back 5-0, Fs Bigspin out?

If I’m wrong chuck me in that other thread.

That’s fucking dope @tbk11 shred again soon. I won’t be shredding like that haha.

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PJ O’Neill over here


well it was meant to be a 50 but not sure what actually happened to be fair

yeah mate buzzing to get a skate in over oxford asap !

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(Edited to make it work)

Paging notamake


Turn steady shot off ffs. That cameras been around since 1995. How do people fuck that up.


That guy is the nut worst.

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I hate any and all footage from that shithole of a spot

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Until it’s fixed

I am waiting for a fix on the broken insta links, apparently it ain’t easy.

It looks like your insta links are now prefixed with

Yeah I can’t actually get my hands on the code, it’s out of my hands

Not sure if related, but AdBlocker was seeing off 58 ads yesterday. Today’s it’s keeping a more comfortable thirty at bay, but still seems like a lot.

Can everyone see this?

(I think I fixed it)


I can.

Raaaaaaah stoked.

Only thing is I think private accounts show a bit wrong, but will see if I can get that fixed…

I’m currently logged into Instagram though. Does it work for @anon83623327?

not logged in and see it fine.