Instagram blowouts

I don’t watch / have no opinion on the Noin Club.

He keeps coming back for more ghetto birds, trick gets old quickly.

It’s a Chetty Thomas.

A banging one at that.

If we all keep our nonsense to ourselves we’d be right back at the old forum a couple of years ago with Builda and Hugo moderating themselves because there is no one else around.
let people talk shit and talk shit back, wanker :wink:


A ghetto bird is a nollie hardflip late backside 180.
Not that… thing.

Gustav is the most interesting skater in the universe right now.

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that double set is absolutely tonk, can’t see how it’s possible to hate on that


Because it’s Aurélien Giraud?

Because it’s a hardflip late 180?

Because it’s Aurélien Giraud doing a hardflip late 180?


Hahahahaha :clap:t2:


Definitely a case of the sum being greater than that of it’s parts

This was on skate line, caught that cab flip at waist height

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He really is the Portuguese Ronaldo of skating. Undeniably skilled and miles ahead of so many other people, can do what he wants, but still want to slap him


No push


open instagram

barrage of chris pulmans overzealous arm swings after every trick

close instagram


A chill line but Dee is so good.

Just a guy, wearing beige, enjoying skateboarding

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Today was carfree Sunday in Brussels. Some heavy sessions went down but these two tricks are huge.

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Sk8 Mafia’s dynamic(ally stoned) duo

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heh, the irony. thanks Spanky

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