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He definitely didn’t come out of no-where but the legit Real hook up did to me.

It was always a very select view making serious money, I don’t feel like that’s changed that much. When you’re young travelling on expenses and a couple grand in your account is rich.


Hmm…I dunno- maybe it just passed you by?

He was on that tour with them in 2014. That’s a long time ago now…then ads etc. started after. but even before that tour, he was shooting interviews while skating for them.

…and then his Sidewalk part (I think that was his first part) was 2011, so that’s 3 years of building before getting boards from a sponsor and then a couple more years before getting the “legit hook up” as you call it. All seems like a slow, steady build rather than something out of nowhere.

But are there as many UK skaters able to do this anymore? Feel like this is reserved for the Atlantic Drifters, Barney etc. who can get their shoe sponsors to help them out.

Yeah there’s as many as from anywhere else, maybe more I think

I reckon there are more UK skaters able to travel the world from sponsors purses than ever.

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Think about dudes like Channer, Frank Stephens, etc. They got paid probably a couple of hundred quid a month, if that. They owned sleeping bags and slept wherever they could.
That first era of Unabomber was so fucking sick. All for the love of skateboarding. There was no money.

A few years later, things got easier (globally, for most) but back then, that is how it was.


Yeah the perception of the glory of things looking back is way out of whack with things that everyone takes for granted these days

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So it’s not a legit hook-up then? Okay what is it? Yeah he just seemed happy doing his thing and not to bothered, but what do I know? Like his Blips part was after his Real hook-up, ect though, right? A bit of a hindsighty list in some parts you added. Edit: No a bit of a after the fact list, sorry. So I take it you know him too, so will better placed than most to know.

All teams are clique’s and relationships take time to build Palace are no more cliquey than anyone else

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Sorry. I don’t really get what you are asking me.

From my knowledge, Lintell was always from day one directly hooked up by Real.
That doesn’t mean “am”, it just means directly flowed by the US team manager.
I guess at some point in between that 2014 tour and the 2017 Real video part, they turned him “am”.

I don’t really get what “legit hook up” means, which is why I put it in inverted commas. It could mean one thing to you and something else to someone else.

I don’t understand what you mean when you say “A bit of a hindsighty list in some parts you added. Edit: No a bit of a after the fact list, sorry.”
Let me know and I can try to respond.

Lol yeah I know, that was a weird way of putting it. His Etnies part was wicked. Just noticed he hadn’t had a mention yet and he’s still going strong.

Not sure what that 30k thing was about?

I’m out of touch.

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I just meant 30k as in the idea of " making it " or " going places " isn’t that financially amazing for most aside from the select few that make Nyjah money. 30k as in a pretty average/decent job for anyone on the street. My idea of making it would be travelling the world with my friends or being able to support myself to not work a job and skate. Just to do that was a dream scenario for most back int olden days

A list of things (not all of them) after his announcement on the team. Anyhoo, it’s midnight. Officially my birthday, haha. got to get some sleep for the big day. The day you have to defend saying you don’t check in with Harry Lintell’s skate dairy as often as maybe you should is a strange one, haha.

Happy birthday!


Oh, I was just going on a rough timeline as I know when the Sidewalk video came out which for me was the start of him being sponsored “properly”…
I had to google that Real tour as I remember that being the start of things happening beyond boards being sent…like the ads, etc. and then I also googled the Arson Dept, Spitfire part and Real part as I remember it was around then he was announced on the team.

Anyway…Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Oh right. Yeah I know that, I wasn’t talking about money, was thinking of potential “modern Rattrays” as in big in America in their own right, not just skating in America and but only big here etc. But as someone said before, I don’t think that’s the way things work any more.

Ok so doesn’t count was apparently bad phrasing oh my part as everyone’s taken that to mean I don’t think Palace count as a skateboard company. All I meant was, my perception is that as a first port of call for a good local skateboarder trying to get a first leg up/board sponsor in the UK industry, Palace are somewhat out of reach (exactly because they’re one of the biggest board brands on the planet…).

But that apparently seems to not be the case. Which is good!

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What happend to that Sharkey guy? He was good.

Sharkey is on Element. He just put out a Vans part in the past couple of months.

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