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The dude who fell off the wall got it worse. Straight to the top of the head - he could have broken his neck.

Not sure which skatepark that is but that ramp to foam pit doesn’t look safe. As illustrated, people can fly off the side and miss the pit entirely. Boards could shoot out and hit the kids watching opposite…

Not a good look.

Nah I’ve skated a fair few foam pits like that. One way or another there has to be a side to the foam pit and if you try hard enough you can miss it

Going on the other angles, I still can’t work out how Superman there bent the rules of physics to leave his board behind before the top of the ramp and fly that far. Something like Jake Brown’s slam on the mega ramp years back I think.

Graystones in Manchester

same as at adrenaline alley, shite vid but you get the point here

tbf though any ‘skateparks’ with foam pits should be shut down anyway fuck that shit


Adrenaline alley is sick. They’re a charity and do tons of work for disabled and disadvantaged people. Just because they have foam pits and some people are idiots, doesn’t mean they should be shut down. We don’t exactly have a surplus of good indoor parks in the UK

Foam pits in warehouses are full of rat shit.

I’ve spent a large part of my rolling around in car parks, who am I to criticise a filthy foam pit

There used to be a foam pit at the old Thornaby skate park. When it closed, they emptied the pit, I’m sure a few dead rats were found in it. Haha.

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This, combined with the Westgate rough cut the other week, is really making me want to try a pair of NB


they may do that now but they also have actively blocked any attempts by anyone within a 30 mile radius to apply for any funding that they could possibly get their hands on so…

also, its meant to be a charity have you seen their fucking pricing? piss take money grabbing shite

hey i’m not calling bullshit or anything but where did you hear that? that really fucking sucks if that’s true. Northamptonshire is poor as shit as it is so trying to stop funding would be some grade A cunt move

they’ve been really good to me and my family. let us skate when the park was closed and it was raining out etc. again i’ve seen the stuff they do for disabled peeps and that

might change my mind quite heavily if they’re making cunt moves tho

i went to meetings to get the plaza built in northampton for 8+ years & saw it happen first hand mate.

fair play if they’ve done that for you. absolutely zero excuses for charging £7 for 2 hours skate though.

ah fair enough. like i say i wasn’t calling bullshit, without having met you or knowing anything about you i still trust you enough. that’s really messed up. people come some fairly long distances to ride there, no excuse to be screwing with more local plans. cheers for the info

yeah i know you weren’t its all good! i mean they didn’t come to any more meetings after that one & we got our park built but still, have heard some shady shit about them trying it to others locally also.

it’s weird because they really really promote a community vibe in there. i guess i should expect the worse from somewhere that caters mostly to scooter kids

yeah i dunno, it’s a weird one tbh. i wouldn’t consider it a skatepark in any event haha - mental how much money they’ve got coming in, 695k in grants in 2016 !

that certainly explains the new bits they keep adding and completely redo-ing their cafe

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