Instagram blowouts

I’ve seen JB Gillet do them in some old Cliché or Lordz edit. Smolik did one too in Fulfill the Dream

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He’s done it at various comps. Street League and stuff.

Looks like a bs 270 nose blunt which Nyjah can do first go in street league.

JB did that Ollie 360 nose slide I guess this is the nollie version of that.

I’m looking forward to the day I see an alley-oop backside 180 to switch 50-50 down a handrail or hubba.

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That’s surely been done.

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Really? Down a hubba or rail?

Also Tyshawn’s at it again with his bins


Fair enough. Just looks like what my nollie 270 noseslides look like on handrails too, so seemed obvious.




It is but a simple noseslide to fakie.

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I wonder if he could do it without putting the bin in front of the little bump.

I could see someone like Sucui doing that, if he hasn’t already.

Feels like going to nose grind (switch 5.0) would be easier than dropping into a straight 5050 somehow.

By easier I mean still incredibly difficult


I think I’ve seen the switch 5.0 version done fairly recently. Can’t remember who though… (maybe Suciu or Yuto?) Getting the height and rotation to manage a straight 50-50 would undoubtedly be scary as fuck.

Considering Matt Bennett was doing BS 180s into switch back smiths on rails 15 years ago Im guessing he’s probably done one

I’m talking about an alley-oop BS 180 though

basically this (but down a hubba/rail, and without the revert at the end)

I’m sure I saw a fs one done on a handrail. I’ll try and find the clip.

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Ledge example at the end of a line around 3.09


FS version has definitely been done down a hubba. Maybe Daan Van der Linden?

This the ultimate hometown hero trick.


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