Instagram blowouts

I dunno…

You’re right, I really just wanted to post that clip…

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Not trying to compare that closely- he’s def doing some new shit just saying what is so great about him is how he does things. There’s a backside disaster and then there’s his backside disasters. Must be nice

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Just lost another few minutes watching the clip… he does a losi grind straight into a head high mctwist. I’m not sure how that is even possible?!

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That’s Daewon done a shove it for that lady’s thing now. It’s gone massive.

30k followers or something now. She’s reached her £10000 target to

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She (Elaine) reached her Just Giving target over the weekend. :+1:

Edit: beaten to it, so I’ll add ‘she landed a deck only shove yesterday’. :smiley: :clap:


Looked like a possible major delam on that board toss at the end


Trigger warning: this is a brutal slam.

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Handled like a champ.

Nasty, but not as bad as I was expecting

Was expecting worse. Harsh nonetheless but I think he’ll live.

A mate of mine tried a spur of the moment drop-in down a door off a skip. Door was one of those hollow jobs and his wheels went straight through and stuck at the top. Dude went down hard and knocked his hip out of place.

Always the stupid little tricks…

It literally is always the stupid tricks that get you

A couple years ago I tweaked my knee and was out for just over 4 months, I turned up at a spot and was just tick tacking about, did a flatland manual and sat on my own leg stepping off my board. The lads thought I was joking and every time people asked how I’d hurt it they would just be confused haha

WTF is his back foot doing in that still?! Get these moshers on a 7.375 and I don’t think they’d ever land a trick…

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I know people hate on this guy but you can’t hate on this second trick. When he went up the flat bank I was thinking he’s not is he… And then he did it more perfectly than I could do on Skate on the Xbox.


Cool but it stirred no emotion.

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It made me welp out loud

fair enough. I can’t seem to raise an eyebrow at him for some reason even if the tricks are bonkers.

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