Instagram Blowouts

It does seem a tad optimistic


Thankfully there’s multiple sizes.

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Theoretically, £50k less costs and tax, if the whole run gets sold. Can’t be many (any) UK pros bringing that in from board sales alone

Having multiple sizes available and inventory not being tied into the online site (you can add 500 to your cart in any size without issue) screams print on demand.


This is also a re-up, I believe. The first 100 sold out. Not that I have been monitoring this situation…


With 558k follower’s you’d think 500 would be nothing to shift with that audience…

But wait wasn’t the first run put out as a limited run? If they sold out and now there are 500 more, that seems a bit shit that people bought the first run after being told that they’d only be a 100 and now she has gone back on that and it’s now less limited shall we say. 500 is a lot for a second ‘limited run’ from a bedroom company.

And her last video has just under 1000 likes. 0.5% engagement. Either 99.5% of followers don’t give a fuck or the count is a little sus…

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I wouldn’t hold Insta engagement against anyone. The algorithm is notorious for not actually showing followers your content.

I had a mildly popular niche account for a few years, about 2.5k followers and by the time I wound it down last year my posts were averaging about 100 likes or less


Yeah Instagram engagement is absolutely fucked at the moment- I work for a business with an account around 27k followers and some posts get 800 likes some literally get 5. 27,000 people and only 5 people liked a post? Bizzare to suss

Confirmation for anyone as gullible as me that Leticia Bufoni joked about being pregnant. Michelle Fabricant confirmed.

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ah that’s fucked. April fools pranks about being pregnant were considered tone deaf years ago.

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So fucking disgusting and of course, she won’t see any ramifications for it, nor see what’s wrong with it.

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Kinda funny Chris Roberts commented on it just saying ‘her name is lil Crob’ hahah

Not IG, but the Simple Magic email-outs are always a good (and lengthy) read.


yeah, very sick. Always.

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Lily Strachan fucking rules


Fuck, that was a sick run. Loved the stale to tail.

I think she is so fucking sick.

Yep Lily rules

By that logic, loads of names should be changed in order to make tourists’ life easier.

Get off the Piccadilly line at Glo-stuh Road tube station, walk towards the Natural History Museum, on your way there get a bottle of Wu-steh sauce from Sainsbury’s and think about your next holiday in Too-son, Arizona and Newport, Arkansa, or do the decent thing and fuck off to Edinbra.

Oh and by the way I’m pretty sure it’s Des Ormeaux, not Des’Ormeaux, but that article was rad. It’s about time the industry respects people’s names!