Instagram blowouts

After witnessing the length and butteriness of your crooked grind, the haste with which that trick is performed has me unimpressed.

Yeah, that one is powerful but really stinks. Franc FTW.


If Brent Atchley and Tom Penny had a skate baby, that baby would skate like this guy

Same trick I reckon but done stacks better.
Please forgive me for watching SLS.

EDIT: So not quite the same but different direction and far bigger and faster.

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Yep agreed. I watched that at the time aswell. Just couldn’t find a way to repost it.

Backside is so much more satisfying to look at though.

Both insanely impressive.

Oof. Somebody doesn’t like Jeremy Klein.

He doesn’t like Sean Cliver either.

I wonder if slander laws apply on instagram

Seriously think if it wasn’t for social media KB would have some kid of Tom Penny style aura/ mythos around him

Unreal on a board

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Glad the annual Nike SB stag do is in full swing again this year.


That bs nb


That whole clip is great.


the fucking frontside flip :exploding_head:


And everything else while we’re at it

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