King of MACBA 4

Giving this it’s own thread because it’s a good new approach to the old beaten horse of SKATE. Cheers @jimo
My only doubt is the heavy risk of injury, also the slight disadvantage a skater can have regarding stance, but that just makes for better viewing I guess.
I created the BATB12 thread so I might just delete it to give everyone some peace of mind.


Could merge the two threads.

Let’s not muddy the waters

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They were sick.

Second game was gnarly

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Don’t delete the BATB thread. Or this.

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Best thing was the hurricane on the ledge in the middle haha.

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The new format they have for this is really good. So gnarly though, they skate for ages, get tired, and then suddenly someone will set something down the big three or whatever and you just have to step up and try it. Hardcore.

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Loving the format. So much hype from both skaters and camaraderie. Really good to watch and happily forget BATB for this .


really strange how far back on the tail monteiro puts his foot to pop stuff, it’s almost like flat along the very edge

Ivan has such a different back foot setup, check his tre, it’s not in the pocket, just like tippy toed right at the back (already at right timestamp)

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I’ve not watched this but I guarantee Peter looks better on his board than Bulard despite having dwarfism.


those jeans…

Petars frontside five o…the run up. So sick. Raw dog…


Weird question - but why does the audio of the wheels on the ground sound like this? I’ve noticed it in a few recent videos and it’s a noticeably different sound. Is it because they’re wearing body mics?

Wow that crowd was backing Peter hard huh? Felt sorry for Adrien when he was landing his tricks to total silence.

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They’re also skipping between body and camera m ics.

You knew Peter was going to lose but dude has a heart the size of that sculpture.
Someone’s said it before but all the spots are huge for him. Love that he charges like a beast.

Fair enough for not dissing Peter but I think calling Adrien a freak is a step too far.


Bulard is a total clown. Epitome of stinky euro.


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