King of MACBA 4

Holy shit…also, the hype on each other getting tricks and giving a cut of your winnings to second place. Damn.


Really sick, best comp on the planet right now in the new format. Would love to see a few more big names in there next year.


Tiago is a g

Tiago got more than just pop

Bit weird for Tiago to self-impose a redo early on and then let that last rollaway slide.

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The switch flip he insisted on doing again was cleaner than the switch crooks. Weird indeed, I suppose he just wanted this to be over with at that point.

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People hated on Tiago for doing massive switch ollies and fs 180s but didn’t hate on that other dude for doing switch ollie late flip down the stairs in every round? Weird.

Tiago is so legit. Fucking legend.

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That’s different. Tiago has unreal pop, he has a massive advantage over opponents and he knows it. Look at how he chose to do 3 tricks over the big block to drop here. Glad he didn’t move any chairs around this round though.

Switch crook should have been a redo.

Also, was all the sportsmanship and good times from Tiago because he knew he was likely going to win? Or is he just a really nice guy? Would like to believe it’s the latter. Was he like this during Slides and Grinds?


Are late flips not an advantage? Same category to me as something like massive pop. Stoked that Tiago nailed that nollie one so well though!

Well not that clear an advantage because Tiago can do them!

Having massive pop opens up so many more options at the plaza which your opponent just can’t touch. It’s like a safety card Tiago can play if he needs to get a few letters on his opponent. It’s mega impressive though.

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Fair play!

I thought that was totally fine. If the judges pass it, then cool. Some tricks, you just want to do better.

I think thats apples and oranges, though. Lots of people can do late flips and - as Tiago proved - they can kind of come out of nowhere.
Where Tiago got close to the line (I felt) was in doing a switch ollie and watching the other dude fail and then switch frontside ollieing the same thing which is arguably harder.

But yeah, he’s a legend.

EDIT: I need to scroll down before I reply. Didn’t see @Dent_Face responding.


Yeah I get the above points. However, if it was me and there was money on the line……I’d probably do the same :joy:

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Tiago has a big lovely smile.
Looks like he would intervene in a mugging and save the day.
Probably big knob too


Judge should never have allowed it when it’s skating of that level.

Would a grind off the top block of the big four be an NBD?

He also handed a grip of cash to his opponent.

The shit they were trying though. I’d be fucked at that point.

From what I experienced of Tiago in BCN he was a fucking sound guy. Watching him and Ishod rinse that place and then session the big drop ledge together was amazing.

Switch shuvit switch fs nosegrind and switch FS blunt respectively.


Tiagos missus is from Norway and some of the crew I know there are now mates with him as he visits here and there.

The Norwegian crew are currently in LA and he is putting them all up.

That’s really cool.