Life before 8 inches

Seeing as a little convo is starting up in the instagram thread on board sizes, I’ll quit the hijack and send anyone who loves a board under 8 inches wide here.

I haven’t been skating regularly for a few years now. I have juggernaut of a board set up that I can roll around on but it’s not very helpful for tricks.
In a bid to get healthy both physically and mentally, I plan to start skating again. For that I decided to get a new set-up which adheres to a few important criteria

  • The board must be of a rider or company that I am willing to support.
  • The board should be adaptable enough for me to attempt the odd flip trick if the urge hits me

For that I’ve decided to avoid the typical 40 year old 8.5 cruiser.
When I was a full on skate rat, I only ever rode board between 7.6-7.75. 7.75 was pretty much perfect seeing as I wasn’t a very technical skater but at least it was lighter than something over 8 and didn’t require changing trucks.
I remember chatting with French Fred while he filmed for Sorry and he was telling me about the huge boards Rowley and Arto rode (even bigger than those for sale to the general public) and sure enough, a year after Sorry came out it was very difficult to find boards under 8 inches.
I guess I got influenced by the trends and also felt like I should embrace my age by focussing on slappies instead of 360 flips and gradually moved my board sizes up to 8.25-8.4.

Anyway, I figured if I’m going to channel that younger version of me who had a little bag of tricks and could still huck down stuff, a 7.75 is where it’s at.

Over to you.

I always used 8" boards as they are the perfect size for anything. I’m on a 8.3 at the mo and it’s great for miniramp and still solid for good snappy kickflips. Anything more flippy like 360flips are effort and when the weather picks up I want to get back on those so I may reduce back to 8".
I did have some 7.75s when that was the size to have and it was rare to see bigger but they kinda felt a littloe fiddly, they’d whip round too easy without a consistent speed. 8 just seemed to go the right speed for a decent catch. I like the board i’m on right now but if I wanted to get some tricks back for the summer I think i’d have to go back.

I think I almost went down this route and changed from a 7.75 to an 8" and have never looked back, not through any expert judgements on the perfect board size or anything like that, it was just seeing people skate giant boards and really struggling to flip the thing. I’m not sure about Rowley but with Arto it’s more understandable that he has a big board as he’s quite a tall chap so it stands to reason.

Hopefully this thread marks a general shift back to smaller decks. It’s been long enough


But big boards are better for certain things where thin boards don’t work. All depends on how you want to skate.

Nah I get that, especially for bigger dudes. I see so many little guys riding doors nowadays tho, maybe this is why people are so into wallies and not flipping your board

Really like 8.1

Did you want us to find you a board. Just skim read on the toilet.

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Everyone will start snapping boards again. In turn, getting people to buy more boards and saving the skateboard industry from ruin.

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One thing I find with smaller boards is that the steep concave ones are almost TOO flippy. I really like flatter thin boards like toy machine vice monster in 7.75". It’s more like 7.825 because of the flatness but flips real good

Probably started skating in the wrong era to have a proper opinion on this as I started in 2003/4ish, but I remember being super young and stepping up from a 7.5 straight to an 8 and could genuinely do flips better as I like the weight and to feel the catch more solid. Gradually went up size by size and never had any problems. Skating a 8.75 and have done for a few years now but gonna drop back to a 8.5 I think just to test it out. First time in my life I’ll have dropped down a size instead of moving up!

Probably get hated on for this but I feel like smaller boards are ridden by dudes that don’t go fast haha

I don’t think I could go any lower than an 8 now.

Bloody freestylers you lot


That’s just because I’m a massive pussy now :wink:

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I always rode 7.5 and found my way solidly on that size.
I tried a 7.75 or two, not my own, during that period and always found that flips I’d catch at the top in primo.
When I skated again in Sweden 7.5 was near impossible to find so I went to 7.75 and managed kind of OK but I’d had some time off my board to not have to adjust to the size so much as riding a board again anyway.
My last board, which sits here in my shed now, is a 7.6.

8 inch is the perfect size for the average skater that does a bit of everything I think, and that has normal size feet. Are you like your bro with tiny feet?

There is some truth to that. Your generally more stable on something over 8in but there’s plenty of evidence of skaters hauling ass ion old videos on toothepicks.

Fastest skater that comes to mind right now and it’s more the tiny wheels than board is Kris Markovich back in the day.

Definitely truth in that. Although it’s not the reason. Just skaters gravitate towards certain tricks which are hard to do/learn going fast whereas if you want to go fast then you do tricks that can be done at those speeds.
Experience lets you do anything at speed and it’s rare to see people comfortable enough to go fast and do small deck tech shit.

Funnily enough, we were talking about Rowley’s set up when skating last Thursday, I remember him turning up to a demo at PlayStation and his board seemed huge. Didn’t stop him, but I feel like it was because he was going fast and going big, a bigger board just makes sense!

I’ve ridden 8.375 ever since Bingo used to leave me his filmer boards with me when they visited Paris. That always used to be the DLX board XL size generic Real/Krooked/AntiHero boards, but now that is more like the M size in the range!

@roncalow what size do you skate?


Used to ride 7.5 and had a 7.6. When I got a whole new complete after drifting away from skateboarding I bought what 2as on the wall. Was a blueprint 8.1 I think, this was right at the end before they got sold off. And the next 2 boards after that have been similar size. I have often thought about going back down in size not as drastic as a 7.5 though. Maybe try a 7.75 and see how I got on

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