Mariah Duran Râpa Nui

I’m very hyped on the level of women’s skating these days. This part feels like it’s going to have the same impact Alexis Sablone had when she featured in PJWHL just with 2022 standards. Kickflip Atlanta Big 4 → Hardflip a big 3 and 50-50 a double kink.

I would like to see what’s going to happen regardless by the time she drops her next part.* Also wouldn’t mind seeing a bit less of the sweat band.

*comment redacted and edited due to lack of satisfactory viewing before posting.
Ps sorry to Nav for not labelling the thread under skate videos.


I’m sure she will take this feedback on board and try better next time.


I’ll take back my comment about polishing up some tricks. Rewatching, the 360 flip and backside 50-50 body varial dismount at the end of the line and laser flip over the ditch hip threw me off.

Some of the last few tricks were phenomenal.

Her front 3s are lush. Really liked the part