Mastergrind - Skate Quiz Thursday 8:30pm

Following on from Dent Face’s excellent quiz, I’ll be hosting my own tomorrow evening. You may have already seen it as I posted it up on Instagram for the kids this evening, I know @franc took part and did pretty well! If you did then I trust you not to cheat tomorrow.

Same deal as last time, it’s hosted on or the kahoot app. I’ll post the code at 8:30pm tomorrow, and you’ll have 30 minutes to complete the 50 question quiz.


Get in.
I’m keen

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We have a winner.

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Not neccessarily - I only pay attention to stuff that I think has value.
Thus, there are huge gaps in my quiz skills.

@wayout’s quiz was cool, thanks for that!

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5 minute warning, stop what you’re doing

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Ok here you go lads, you can go here

Or use the code 0964991 at

Good luck!

I’m excited about this

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That was fucking fun, big ups Wayout!

Enjoyed that, nice work !

I did really really badly on the blind guesses. I think I only got one (on the 1260 question). Good, hard quiz that.

That was a lot of fun! Turns out I know a lot less than I thought…

I fluffed that up proper. I’m going for a sulk now.

Still good fun though.

Fucked it.

Also that Mikey Taylor pic needed a trigger warning. Thanks.

*polite golf clap for dent face *

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That was stressful being on the other end of a Kahoot quiz!

Well done all! Glad you in enjoyed it. It’s hard to gauge how easy / difficult it is as it’s just stuff that I knew the answer too, no idea if anyone else would. It’d be boring if it was too easy though ey. Congrats to Dent Face!

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Seemed odd that the Jesus Fernandez quote had the least amount of correct answers but I just realised I technically put the answer in wrong

My food arrived about 5 questions into it FFS