Max Allure Born Free

ABP in the footage thread but deserves it’s own.
Until today, Max Allure for me has been a cute bedroom company, not really making waves but cool to know Karl Watson’s behind it.
Then they drop this video and my first reaction was that it reminded me of Mouse era Chocolate and how Chocolate could/should be today. The first song probably spurred this train of thought.
But yeah, this has watch again all over it.
Fuck yeah!

On a sidenote, any bored YT rippers should think about compiling the best bits put out each month and making mixtape reminders to give all this instant gratification longevity.

Are you smoking crack?

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QS Top 10 every week, buddy.

I know that but it’s just tricks.

Wrong crowd. Maybe I’m wrong but I can’t really imagine anyone on here being a YouTuber.

I meant people who know how to rip videos off youtube and make montages.
Not YT hosts.

Ahhhhhhh. I’m good at that but I just can’t be bothered :joy:

Also, just watched this video. Decent.

That was one of the most random videos I have seen in a while.

That last Canadian part looks like it was accidentally dropped into the wrong timeline on export.
The video changed style in a really clunky way about 3 times…

And this is definitely a video which could do with some names over who we are watching.

I guess the link on that last song was that the artist did that collaboration album with Ghostface and that links it to the soulful tunes at the start because Wu Tang sampled soul records? I dunno…seems like the only tenuous link to an otherwise weird switch up.

Also, that audio mix was awful. One song quiet, one song loud, skate audio super loud on some clips and non-existent on others.

Karl Watson is the shit. Glad to see him in there. I went in really wanting to like this video. Especially as OG Girl/Chocolate was mentioned. I don’t see that link at all.

Current Chocolate ain’t bad, actually. They are definitely stepping into the right directions, it seems.


I think it was the music, style and SF spots of the first part that had me reminiscing. It just looked like something I could see chocoilate doing if they time travelled from 97 to 2021. Weird I know.
I still like the video.

SF & Toronto in the video could have been it, too…MC/Tony Ferguson, etc.
I get it…but I still think it is a stretch.

I’ve just watched 15 mins of that brand and have zero idea of their image.

I enjoyed that first dudes part even if the music was a little odd.

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Yeah, he was sick. The super tight filming isn;t my cup of tea but it’s what the kids want.

There were a lot of sick clips and skaters throughout.

They could put out the greatest video of all time and the name would still make me think of an aftershave for teenagers.


Next up: MAS crew startup “Old Spice Skateboards”

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Palace Joop collab incoming

In fact “Joop” could easily be a Strobeck edit.


I like Max Allure. I’ve enjoyed all of their video output, but this one was, as mentioned, a little choppy/ clunky feeling.

Karl Watson is all round rad and Nick Lockman’s got form. I’d like it to do well but there isn’t much of a definite image running and the board graphics are kind of all over the place. Their team’s pretty sick though. But then there’s the stumbling block that is the company name…


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