Mental Health Thread


This was in another discussion a few of us were having outside of this forum. It’s also a thread that was running on the old forum that I think a lot of people found useful.


Thanks for starting this thread.

I think this type of conversation is invaluable - I’ll contribute further at some point today.


I have started a page on Facebook a while ago now after suffering myself and speaking to a few well known skaters. I started it as a kind of therapy for anyone suffering and a safe place to vent and ask for support if needed
not sure how to link it here but its
SkateMentalHealth on facebook
please don’t be afraid to ask to join

it has helped me and many other skaters all around the world


99% of the time skating sorts out my mood. Sitting on the sofa smoking endless doobs and not being arsed to do anything doesn’t.


Can’t find any trace of it @Tom maybe try tracking down the correct URL if you are page admin ?



And this is clear to some but not others. And some can’t get over the anxiety to get to the skatepark… some get panic attacks walking up to a skatepark etc etc… but we all know how powerful skateboarding is and that’s why I set up this group :+1::metal:


I still can’t stop myself sometimes, it’s like an excuse to do nothing as well. I’m naturally lazy so it’s a bad combo…


What a sad story. More sad for the peers who think that are doing good things but playing a kind of god to others. Seems that the EGO is the real problem.
Thanks for sharing that story man…
online bullying g comes in many shapes and forms and has a way more serious effect on people than they care to let on sometimes.
I hope you keep in touch with your friend still and he is doing ok considering


This wasn’t online, it was face to face. He just didn’t realise they were talking about him or that the things they were saying were even derogatory. It was all done very much to his face so that when he realised, it really hit him with a thud. He retracted into himself and that retraction has been permanent. He still rips though, and the guys who bully him (it’s pretty much still a thing after twenty-odd years) don’t. I got it to a much lesser extent.


Let’s not twist our melons, skateboarding is full of cunts from the bottom to the top.

Churchill is well liked and respected but he’s always been a bully to people.

One of the only real nice guys who IS skateboarding and down for everyone is Anon. Truth


Churchill loves everyone.


This doesn’t make much sense and helps nobody that it’s anonymous because now everyone is wondering if they said or did something lame.


The amount of times I’ve seen him at other people’s locals slagging skaters off behind their own backs and bullying people out of the way is really stupid to say his statue in U.K. skateboarding


Not seen it myself.


I think bullying with in skateboarding is something that can easily happen. Luckily I’ve hung-out with cool people, but I’ve seen that side of it, to other people if you’re not in the cool circle jerk. I’ve definitely seen people hounded out of the scene. I tend to think if a person is slagging this person and that person off behind their backs, you know they’re doing it about you too, when you’re not there. I’m old enough to not let any of that shit affect me and I won’t stand for bullying around me. It’s easy to slip in to the boys, the crew, crowd mindset and follow someones else’s behaviour. That you wouldn’t normally.

Never met Churchill but I know a few that do know him and honestly never heard a bad word.


Yeah, being bullied can affect your mental health but I don’t think calling bullies out anonymously on behalf of a mate is really the point of this thread.


It’s true though let’s face it, skateboarding has a really bully side to it and the whole cool dudes clubbit your right Hugo, that’s not for this thread. Soz


Don’t be sorry, it’s a good topic, I’ve been bullied but tried to rise above it and just skate.

I’ve definitely probably been a dick to a lot of people during my time at university.


It’s good to talk. Better to discuss than let it continue in our own minds.
I didn’t realise skateboarding had the bullying egotistical pricks until it happened to me also…
it takes time to rise above but if you can it helps… because at the end of the day it’s only those who are trying to hurt you by reflecting their own insecurity. It’s not you it’s them.
I have been helping so many through situations only because I managed to come through my own stronger… and being bullied and made an outcast on certain groups by certain people over misunderstandings didn’t help… but I now know it’s not them it’s the ego they live by… no one is better than anyone else, simple.

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