Mental Health Thread

I’m 45 this year. I’ve already filtered down and lost touch with a lot of people. I’m still in constant contact with a lot of old friends too, so that’s all good, but rarely see them. I think the problem is that as we get older, there’s less and less skaters of the same age and so less people to hang out with who can relate to my situation (and equally less people who’s situations I can relate to). I still have a good couple of crews to skate with here and there are a lot of good people, but no one that I grew up skating with and lot of people with less responsibilities and more time than me.

Skateboarding hasn’t saved my life but it has certainly shaped it and I’m stoked on where I am right now.


Someone mentoned CBD in here. I will come back to it
I’ve been getting super stressed out of late.
Mostly through the irritation of my 6yr old who doesn’t shut up, at all, ever, and talks utter shite. He is also going through a phase, and I hope it is only a phase, of not following instructions so they have to be repeated over and over. It is fucking tedious.
Similar to those who have moved around, we’ve ended up somewhere where we are not close to family and have few friends, certainly any older friends, the important ones.
It has been a feeling I’ve had for a couple of years now since I have taken time to think about it and I’m actually pretty down most of the time.
I’ve also been getting massive anxiety issues, particularly in places where there are lots of people and not a space I can stand out of the away in.
I left a work conference before it started last year because it was all too cosy and I felt incredibly uncomfortable.

To try and calm this, I’ve just bought some CBD buds.
I like to smoke weed but getting it is difficult plus I don’t always need to get mashed.
This stuff is easy to get and surprisingly similar in the whole experience to making and smoking a joint. The smell, the whole process of making it etc.
Had a joint of it earlier and it has made me feel much more relaxed, but without the stoned feel.
Hard to describe really.
Anyway, I’m going to see if there is any positive change in my stress levels and general mood over a period of days.

And to return back to what skateboarding has done for me, met loads of great people and it was always my go to thing to escape to and not have to think about stuff for a while.
That’s gone now and possibly there is a link between losing that and feeling generally down and annoyed most of the time.

Can relate to some of the stuff mentioned here. Been back in Carlisle for 3 and half years now after leaving the army which I was in for just over 6 years. If I’m honest I don’t really have any friends here even though I consider myself growing up down the road in penrith.

I know lots of people, but this doesn’t transpire into actual friends. My best friend from school lives in penrith but he doesn’t get the whole parenting thing because he doesn’t have kids. So that makes that friendship hard, when we meet up he expects us to be like 16 again just out skating all day etc. And I just can’t do that because I’ve got the Mrs to think about getting back to because she’s watching the kids, and I feel like I need to get back etc.

When I was in the army, we didn’t have children yet and the people you worked with all lived in the same building and you’d socialise out of work or go drinking etc. And here I don’t have that social aspect.

My Mrs says I need to make more “dad friends” how do you even do that? Do you connect on the same parenting style or hobbies you enjoy? I have one dad friend and only met him because my Mrs became friends with his and in turn became friends with him

I’m in the same boat. Know lots of people here in Estonia but most of my skate crew that I see on the regs are in London, and my best mate lives in Sao Paulo. My wife’s friends are cool but most don’t have kids so the dynamic is somewhat different. It would be great to make some new friends but it’s weird, there are no skaters my age around here (some early 30s). I’ve tried going to the odd expat socialising club for pool and bowling etc, but it seems a really mixed bag of weird and frankly kooky people from all walks of life.

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Big up Tom.

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I’ve never had a national board but this will be my first.

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