Mental Health Thread

DMs open for you or anyone else who wants to chat or text on what’s app or whatever.

Cheers boys.
Last 3 years or 4 months have been a real test.

This is the modern day version of scribbling it all out in writing to lay it out and get it out of your system.
I can’t possibly relate to your circumstances but you’ve certainly painted an awkward picture to look at and I absutely feel for you.
It’s probably rather normal to feel as you do so you’re not the first or last.

That there shows you are able to somewhat rationalise it all.

Keep going Max.


You’ve recognised how you’re feeling which I think is half the battle. And getting out is hard as well, but it helps to just get it out there any where. You and your family are stronger then you know.

I know just what you mean about feeling angry at the thing but it coming out as you being moody with the mrs. I’ve been like that during this period when we were moving and her dad had had the strokes and we were dealing with moving- I was frustrated at the whole situation and was having trouble being as supportive as I should have been at times, she understood though. Can’t imagine the stress you’re under compared to my situation. You’re doing really really well. Big ups

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