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look how disturbed he is


At the risk of sounding a bit obtuse or pretentious, I felt similar until I read Walt Whitman ‘song of myself’, in particular verses 6 and 7 which have always seemed just straitforwardly pleasant and comforting to me on the subject of death. It’s easily findable online and at the very worst you might spend 3 minutes thinking it’s sentimental waffle. Not that it’s a cure or anything anyway and I think a bit of existentialism from time to time is healthy. Love me a bit of Whitman tho, all his stuff has a savantish genius vibe I find.


Thanks, I will. I’ve never read any Walt Whitman.

Right I don’t feel like posting this but here goes. On the topic of journaling and mental health

When I last posted here I felt good, almost too good. I felt kind of unstoppable. This burst of energy and happiness lasted a little over a week, (could have been more. Shoulda journaled) during which I edited those spud files things. Shortly after I felt shit. Muted, no interest in anything, just want to sleep. I still feel a little crappy but more or less back to baseline which isn’t exactly over the moon but its what I’m used to.

Anyway, the notion of journaling and keeping track of your thoughts and feelings on paper re-entered my mind after reading about it in this thread (still waiting on that over-priced tick box sheet ha). Thinking about noticing patterns of behaviour or mood etc. - I realised that this pattern of rather extreme ups and downs is something that’s been happening to me for maybe longer than I can remember. Think more stock market prices than a neat EKG wave. I don’t know, maybe it is a neat wave, I haven’t recorded it. Keeping a journal would have showed me this long ago… Also it turns out a likely related condition runs in the family.

Conclusion: if you’re feeling less than great and on the fence about journaling, I really think it could be a powerful tool in troubleshooting what’s going on in your head. Peace

PS: Trouble is, when you do feel down in the dumps, writing shit down doesn’t sound very appealing, well, nothing does. So you have to force it as first, might feel weird - like switch flips.


I got a journal around Xmas as well. Not started it yet, too mental with my newborn.

Got this one as it partners with the atomic habits book, it’s very nice The Clear Habit Journal | James Clear


Ooh that one looks good.
My mindjournal came through and I had a flick through and it seems quite in depth so saved it for this morning to start, then my shelf fell down and it put me in a right mood. So tomorrow it is.


yeah… I think I’m in a happy phase again. Apparently one of my symptoms during this ‘up’ phase is… well I don’t know what you’d call it because I just made a photoshop of rob dyrdek with dustin dollins face for fun and I’ve got work in the morning. I Have actually got a dr.s appt tomorrow so dw too much

I actually feel great, well sort of wired. But its not healthy is it; making forbidden mashups at midnight

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