More to life than skating (Lifestyle vids)

Figured there could be a thread for all these behind the scenes/life after videos that keep popping up.

For all the trife stuff Jenkem posts these days, a good old check in with Rob Pluhowski is a nice quick treat.


I love pluhowski. I won’t link it because it’s abit off topic but if you watch this Jenkem thing and like him, go back and watch his bobshirt interview.

Pretty cool that in the bob shirt shirt interview they ask him about celebrity clients and he laughs it off and says he made a dog bowl for Jake gyllenhal, then follows it up with this 5 or so years later with ‘I made jay z’s conference table’.
Always pleasant to see someone thrive after skating in a way that isn’t completely marketing/media related and completely disingenuous


Remember when pappalardo was making furniture? iirc all he did was moan then too

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Love Pluhowski for his no filter straight talk.
Got the feeling he was vibing Poppalardo a bit for wasting all his money.

Rob’s Bobshirt interview for posterity

Couple more More to life vids just to fill the thread.

Not sure he was vibing him- I think it was more a matter of fact statement about money management.
They have (or had when they were still working for the same company/living in the same city) a very close friendship. Pops quit habitat when they dropped rob.

In that bob shirt he says the same thing when they pull out the poppa debut board (something to the effect of ‘man every kid had this, popps just had money coming and going at this point).

Maybe later in the bob shirt interviews rob mentions pops was paying for everyone’s dinners and living life leisurely day to day

I think this dates a bit because it looks like he’s in LA but I thought he’d moved out to a farm in Ohio?

Edit: Last 30 seconds explain it was filmed in 2020.