Music thread

Going to see Helmet on thursday

Ace, I nearly bought tickets for the Rock City gig.

Last time I saw them was 93 I think, at Phoenix festival, they were great

Saw them on their Betty tour, maybe around the same time
Edit: year after more like.

If you’re Spotify accessible and like reggae.

Recorded bass for my best mate’s solo project lately and really proud of how it sounds. I’m absolutely shit at it but for some reason he loves my tone. This is the 4-track EP.

Think a bit of explanation is necessary as well. He started writing songs for our old band that didn’t really thematically fit. They were still sort of pop-punk, but taking different influences from other genres he likes. Lyrically they started off as songs largely about conspiracy theories. Mostly silly ones; a surf punk song about Hitler living in Argentina, for example. It’s evolved into songs that are basically a tongue-in-cheek slice of Americana.

Track 1 of this EP “God Shines Bright Over Me” is basically “What would a pop-punk song written by the Westboro Baptist Church sound like?”

Track 2 “Freeloaders” is about renting a new place only to find out it’s haunted.

Track 3 “Satanic Panic” is a bit autobiographical - about his childhood conversion from churchgoer to full-blown goth.

Track 4 “Ba’alim” he described to me as “HP Lovecraft meets The Torah.” Basically he loves black metal and this was him exercising that influence.

Just sharing it because I’m stoked on it.


a tune i made 6 years ago cos i was buzzing off this section -

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I’m no musician at all but @jimvo showed me how to use GarageBand back in 2013 and I made this mix of tunes from skate vids for the sake of learning something. Had forgotten about that, @pervert’s post reminded me of it. Thanks my bredbins.


Got this at lunchtime

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I will see your R Type, and I will raise you.

Sounds like Frankie Teardrop.

Jason Pierce and Pete Kember have the same birthday (yesterday).

An album of the year for sure:


absolute beauty well done meth la


Been really enjoying Joy Orbisons playlist " Joy Orbits The Sun " on Spotify. Loads of good stuff I’ve never heard of and things I’d forgotten about. The older I get the more I need help finding new stuff.



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New stuff from artists I already know I like is fine, but finding new artists happens a lot less.

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anyone on here use Bandcamp much? quite enjoying finding bits in other people’s collections so feel free to post for me to lurk !

here’s mine -

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Starting to a bit more lately

Rarely but when I think about it I do like to have a quick look but it usually starts from a friend recommending a link otherwise I don’t think to go on there.

I don’t even think I have much of a collection on there. Edit: in fact I can’t even remember how to get to the collections haha.
Here is my BC anyway:

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