New Danny Way Hawaii mega ramp part

Haven’t watched it yet but I’m sure it’ll be thread-worthy for all kinds of reasons.
YT comments brutal immediately.

Welcome home?

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Might leave this until I need a short break from the family tomorrow.

But I would imagine they’re quickly deleting comments like this:


It’d be better without all the dramatics

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Way certainly has a scary look about him, something in the eyes I can’t quite put my finger on, he almost looks guilty of a terrible crime in a way.

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Hard to tell actually how big that quarter is. The Wembley gap bit looked huge but landing with nearly no speed seems a bit of an anti climax. Still blooming hard.

The set up is pretty ridiculous.

Massive run up to a quarterpipe basically, all be it a huge one.

It’s like a terrible council skatepark taken to the nth degree.


Only going to echo what’s already been said. Hard to convey how gnarly that must be when watching it on film, but no denying it was an anti climax. Doesn’t help when the whole thing took so long to come out. Wembley gap stuff blew me away mind!

Just because you can.

Welcome home? Were they not on Plan B? Whats happening? Im lost

Would rather go on grindr, etc.

Nah, seriously, might watch this in a bit. He’s definitely a power bottom though. Got that vibe.


Gonna watch tomorrow in my imagination he’s mega ramping wallows like the Great wall of China.

Ended up having a proper heart to heart with Danny at the DC video premiere back in the day. Didn’t know about his rather dubious past at the time (was that proper covered up until fairly recently or am I just shit at knowing stuff?). I was recently divorced and he was in a similar situation. We had a really good chat.

Still comes a massive second to getting knucks from Stevie Williams though…

Disappointing part. Shows he’s slowing down, at last. Basically a very big flat bank session.

Boring as fuck.


Where’s Bob at.

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The most interesting mega ramp stuff development was to make it not mega and a long course in Elliot Sloans backyard. Not this.

Big ‘ol bank. The comments are jokes though. Where’s this Andy Anderson part at, it’s Xmas morning ffs.

The setup makes no sense…

All that speed to flip your board and roll out at 2mph for 6 foot? Or all that speed to do a coping level flip trick or lip trick?

They could have doubled the size of that quarter or halved it and it would still feel the same…the scale here is all off.

Didn’t D. Way delay that True part six years ago? This wasn’t 6 years of filming - it was clearly all shot within a few weeks, no?

I do love a bit of Colin McKay, tho. Glad to see he still has that solid style.


Watched this while making the coffees. So incredibly dull.

Merry Christmas Danny

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