New Exhibition

New exhibition opening in London:

Eighties pool hunting UK style. Sean Goff defying the pissing rain and questionable ‘transitions’ in 1988 Norfolk.

To see a selection of blow-ups from the RaD archive, visit our current outdoor exhibition in collaboration with @kiosk_n1c at @coaldropsyard, Kings Cross.

The exhibit features images from the archive reflecting skate history in London from the late 1970s to the mid ‘90s

Open 24/7 with a RaD archive film clip running in the Kiosk N1c shop space window.

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It’s nearly finished.

Why are there hashtags.

I have no idea. The exhibition publicity appeared on my Facebook feed today so I cut and pasted it here, in case anyone’s interested in going along

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That’s barely a pool, it’s just a slightly curved wall. Gnarly

Exhibition opened on 1st Feb. Not sure when it closes, but they’re still promoting it on social media today so it probably has a little while left to run.

It finishes at the end of this month.

Sean Goff says:

One of my favourite photos from RAD.
If you zoom in on the nose if the board you can see water coming off it. (as we has to ride through a few inches of water, as it was raining)