New Thrasher Mag

I’ve been rekindling my appreciation of tangible skate mags and figure if videos get threads magazines should too. Rather than bundle them all into one thread I’ve decided to create this thread just for latest issues of the bible Thrasher.

I just picked up the Suciu soty issue (May 2022) and already picked out some gemd in the first dozen pages.

  • Suciu cover of course
    Always sick to see a skater do something unexpected. Even though Mark has already proven he can jump on big rails.


  • Curren Caples caught mid slam onna heinous kinked rail bank spot. Proper bent in half face to the ground shit. I swear some poor bugger’s not going to make it one of these days.


  • Mariah Dunn adidas advert kickflipping a big bump to bar. Level up.


  • Mike Taylor getting called out for unsolicited financial advice. Ha ha!


  • Megan Baltimore article. Nuff said.

I enjoyed the Sour article - particularly the diss/ironic captions.
Last few Thrashers I’ve bought have been good.
500th issue was a major let down for me though.

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I get the biggest kick out of them making fun or calling out the kooks of the industry. They tend to do it in indirect ways where if you skate or know skateboarding enough, you get the joke. Otherwise you miss it completely.

Also, I mentioned Mariah Duran’s kickflip above but the girl with the afro puffs on Element (forgot her name) has a beefy bump to bar leap too.