New to skateboarding at 36

Used to follow skateboarding and do it a bit (badly) in my early teens then switched to rollerblading and have been doing that ever since. Recently had a work trip away and had a rare chance to read a book, so chose the Rodney Mullen book. Absolutely loved it. Sent me down a rabbit hole of skateboarding videos on YT ever since. There’s so much to watch compared to the rollerblading industry and so much good stuff. Now I wanna give it a go, gonna get a setup from my local skateboard shop and see what happens… Probably not a lot! Anyway thanks for reading/listening. Any advice is more than welcome!


find yourself some quiet space to begin figuring it all out. car parks after business hours have been the UK skate scene’s training facilities since forever


Get stuck in! Whenever i speak to late starters they often find mini ramps a little more forgiving than street ( obviously once you get the basics down).

Would this be ok for starters? Or would you recommend anything else? Price isn’t too much of an issue. Could spend £100 odd if you think that’s gonna improve my experience at all.

I’d consider getting an 8.25 or an 8.5. Although I skated a bit when I was younger I was in a similar position to you about 4 years ago. Ollies stayed with me through muscle memory but I had nothing else. My first deck was 7.875 but I soon went up to an 8.6. I don’t think I would want to skate under 8.3 again, although I’m not doing any flip tricks.

For your very first board that would be fine, it’s basic but it’ll do the job and you can always upgrade the components as you go - upgrade the trucks, then get a new deck etc.

Most brands do their own basic completes these days anyway, so if you wanted something from a more ‘legit’ brand off the bat then you could get something like this but it’ll all work and no need to spend £100 on a first complete.

Would suggest between 8 and 8.5 as an adult beginner - will help with balance.

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