New Zero Video - Damn it all


Isn’t that the Danny Way rail?

Clint Walker fs 5050s it in an old Ambig part

That is quite a big rail.

V rad

so i’m like a minute in, is this whole thing in VX? it’s 2019 man


Managed about ten minutes. Old VX videos look rad because they’re old videos, and it’s still tastefully done by a lot of people, but this is too much. Likewise the stupid effects. All the best photos have already been in Thrasher anyway.

I enjoyed it for what it is. I didn’t have high expectations though I guess. Just wanted to see a mosher vid.

got bored and switched off. in a post-Verso world I have no time for Zero. i don’t really get what position they’re trying to fill anymore. they’re not the gnarliest for sure


So, managed to watch pretty much all of it. Had to zone out a bit 25mins in to prep food but I kept an eye open for the hammerz.

I don’t agree with the harsh criticism of Piledriver. To me this stays true to the Zero format. When today you have stuff like Palace and Verso, it does seem a bit out of place. But I guarantee you some moshers are stoked on this video. Also, criticising Jaime Thomas’s brief section is pretty displaced when you consider his history and baggage. If I could put some of those tricks down today, I’d be happy.

The three main things that stuck out to me are
99% VX? Ok for the Zero format but it does look a bit crap.
75% unknowns? Maybe the earlier Zero videos did this too but to be honest I didn’t know any of the big hitters in this video.
Nyjah in the friends section? Granted it’s only one trick and we’re all one big happy family right? It could have been cut though…

Can’t discuss the music. Not my bag but whatevs.

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i think this is my point though. for a company with the history of Zero to put out this pile of poo in 2019 is sad. people were jumping all over Girl years ago and this is much worse

They used that Op Ivy track that has been in loads of early 90s vids and was the opening track to Debunker. That was a bit shit but I like the song.

Yeah, it’s a bit long but there’s enjoyable sections dotted all over the video. Maybe it’s whoever uploaded it, but VX footage can look good online. This could have been sharper. Maybe it’s whoever filmed it, I dunno.

None of the riders seemed particularly young, even in the Flo section. I hope we don’t see the handrail hucker become extinct.

Slave, Zero and (hopefully) Baker all putting out videos towards the end of this year. The last hurah of the mosher? There were a lot of tight trousers in this one.

Nah man Baker will kill it and it’ll look great. Where do Zero fit? Baker and Deathwish got that old Zero template on lock plus they’re actually fun

The Operation Ivy track (there was two), The Crowd, was used by Chris Livingston twice for H-Street, it’s on Now & Later, as well as Debunker of the top of my head and the other one must of been on ‘This Is Not The New H-Street Video’ Matt Hensley? Was Minor Threat - ‘Straight Edge’ in there too? Jeez. Wasn’t into a song being played live for the friends section too.

Were those new clips?

This place has conditioned me to actually think this was wrong for a second.

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I thought it fit well with other Zero vids.
Love that it was VX, the music was rad, slam section and friends section are classic Zero.
I’m a mosher who grew up watching Zero videos so they would have to put out drastically different for me to not like it.

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Yeah, could well have been a homage to Hensley using those songs and including him in it. Those tricks weren’t amazingly filmed, might have been old offcuts.

Bit harsh calling it shit. Only watched intro and first guy but it looks typical zero. They have not changed, we have so our expectations are different.

Not the greatest video but shout to Chris Wimer. 2019’s answer to Jon Allie. Kickflipping into every handrail trick. Very rad.


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