Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Skipping a lot of episodes these days.
The Bunt has far better guests. The Scott Kane and Fred Gall episodes were really good.
How are those Nine Club Experience podcasts? I’ve never checked these out.

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3.48! Luckily I’m driving to Kent and back on Thursday so this should cover me for the journey down.

Incredibly dull. Would avoid them generally. They had Weck on one time though.


Because I work from home I generally have them on in the background each week and they are consistently bad. There is always a good 5-10 minutes of Steezus dick riding them all hard about what great things the Nine Club have done for skateboarding.

I like them. Would be pointless without Roger/Eldridge/Steezus but it’s interesting people talking about skateboarding.

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I don’t get this at all. He’s just a happy, positive dude. Having him stuck necxt to Kelly Hart isn’t exactly a meeting of minds but he’s genuine and positive in an un-cheesy way.

Nine club experience isn’t bad. If anything it’s just skate talk. They try and cover the latest videos and take calls and questions from listeners.
Yes, they all seem to shower themselves with positive vibes (except Roger who sometimes fires off curveballs) but it makes for nice easy listening.
The only problem I have with it is the product placement and the last episode had a very staged Barletta cameo which just seemed off. It took away from the usual spontaneity and makes you feel sponsors are pushing the agenda hard.
Only person I’d vote off their boat is Eldridge. He brings absolutely nothing to the table and he really doesn’t seem that smart. Jeron Wilson is much better.

Yeah, that was disheartening.

Crob could ease up on the sound bites too even if a couple of them are golden.

Fair enough. Must just be personal taste but I can’t stand the guy. He never has anything interesting to say and just sucks the Nine Club dick way too hard.

At least Eldridge is ignorantly funny.

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Bit late to the Bob one but he just mentioned how Andy Roy was part of the Grindline crew working on his ramp, and nobody mentions how those guys were on the same team and in the same video together. Chris Roberts is such a moron.

I thought it got mentioned earlier when he was saying that Andy was one of the reasons he quit AntiHero, because he was always starting fights.

That would be later then. Good.

I thought Bob was asked to leave Anti-Hero? Because he was costing them to much (comp royalties, ect like happened with Senn and Toy Machine, so they could keep Maldonado instead). He even offered to put his own money into Anti-Hero? Anti-Hero didn’t want him having a stake in the company.

He says it was because they weren’t keen on him entering all the comps as it didn’t fit with Anti-Hero’s image, and he said he was happy not to enter them, if they paid him the same amount as the winning, as he was convinced he could win the money (which he did quite often) which he needed for his family etc. He said He was jokingly told he was fired, but he’d had enough by then and took it seriously.

Always thought 90’s Bob was a really good fit on AH. And he’s still got that epic slag tag as well hasn’t he? What a legend

I somehow heard at the time that the nail in the coffin was when he was made in to an action figure.

“Why would you put beans on toast?!”


I’ve never heard of Shawn Hale either

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What? Really? @hale is one of the best skaters to follow on insta along with @Crickhunter and @dillzzz

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