Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Or crazy notion… stick with me here… they wanted to do a show that appealed to females too.

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there shall be no females invading my sausage party

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I was expecting it to be a lot worse. Just listening to it whilst driving my commute. I’m kinda interested to here how people are growing up in skateboarding these days, even those who have grown up in California.

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Maybe after Professor Schmidt and Ragdoll, Aleysha felt underwhelming.
She wasn’t the worst guest.
If we’re throwing gender in the mix, I’d be hasppy to hear a Carabeth episode.

That makes it sound like you think I’d only follow male skaters though? I follow and am interested in all skaters and types of skating…yet I’ve no fucking idea who she is.

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Wasn’t aimed directly at you, but there’s always going to be people on these kinds of things that don’t interest you, but they should be trying to appeal a wide array of people, so those guests are important.

Was just being facetious really.

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It was probably simply a case of “let’s get a female skater” and she was probably who was available at the time.

Listening to that one with Ian Michna from Jenkem. Really interesting for anybody who wants to set up their own (creative) business, there’s a lot of relevent info there.

Pretty much fake it till you make it, haha.

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Steve-O tomorrow. Should provide pretty high quality quarantine content.

I only found out yesterday that he was half decent at skateboarding at one time


He’s told his stories a million times already. Taking coke with Mike Tyson was a new one to me mind.

There should be a skate celebrity teeth off between Biebel, Steve-O and Andy Roy.

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9 club was actually quite funny, openly admits to being absolute kook hanger-on early days Big Brother days

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