Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Crob - “What a career leaving World and getting on Blind, then joining 40/60 and of course working with Hollywood actor Jason Lee, do you have his number? I’d love some of that Hollywood money myself! I think I’d make a great actor. Don’t you think I’d make a great actor?”


That’s it. "The notes somebody gave me say that you know Spike Jonze? Can you put me in touch?

I’m kidding.

But could you?"


I imagine Meg and Rick don’t let him in the building when Spike is around.


He interviewed spike already

He won’t know that.


Fox had an interview in Skateboarder during the Aaron Meza era. I had it but can no longer find it.
He talked about Tom Penny being the most naturally gifted skateboarder ever since Jay Adams.

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That would be cool to see if you or anyone can dig it out ever?

Remind me.

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The more I listen to the Nine Club it just seems like Roberts has a set of pre-recorded responses and just sits there pressing random ones every 30 seconds while the guests are talking.


Heard good reviews of this. Quite liked the first one. Should be good.

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I wonder if they timed this to get all the ‘Dune’ web traffic.


Probably, and maybe a little of Crob networking to get himself a foot in the door for tv skate comp announcer…


That almost be too clever…

Yeah, true.

“Wait, they made a movie about you? Hold on… What?”

sound of Roger Bagley leaving the building


He was doing the on-course interviews at the last SLS event. His questions were as probing as ever…

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He justified that on one of the last episodes saying he liked to ask random questions instead because it was more edgy/quirky. Like asking Prod what colour he’d like his park to be?

Chris Roberts is a teenage girl on Tik Tok confirmed.

I was kind of worried that people like Crob would become the face/voice for skateboarding to the main stream media, because they have high views and followers/subscribers, ect. Which is how the world works now. Thankfully put him in a professional, unedited situation and he gets found out fast.

Quoting myself here just because not long ago Crob explained top a guest that he “loved to get into the numbers and talk about the money/business side of skateboarding with his guests” or something of that effect and I think I can confirm that he steers well away from that so yeah, grilling his bosses probably wouldn’t work.

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