Ollie practice (video)


I bought a skateboard a month ago. I am a total beginner. The first weeks a just rode a lot with my board trying to get comfortable. Now I have begun training ollie standing still and with speed. Since I have no one to skate with I would very much appreciate if someone could look at my video and give my any pointers if I am doing it right. I dont want to practice it with wrong techniqe.

Roll down the street and ollie up curbs. If you eat shit, you need to practice more. I you don’t eat shit, you need to practice more.


That’s a decent ollie for four weeks in. Your front foot looks quite far back but it worked so :man_shrugging:
Like Franc says, just get out there and do it faster now

Good effort that! Just start moving with them, up and down curbs etc and they’ll get better and better :+1:

took me like 2 years to learn how to ollie so you’re doing alright

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I’m on the right track then. I will continue to do more ollies with speed! And just ride a lot more to get confidence and control.

I went to a skate park near by (when it was almost empty bc I am kind of embarressed, there are kids there how a much better and Iam 30 ish, haha). I tried to do ollies with obstacles bc it seem easier when there is acutually something that you can ollie on (two videos).

I keep practice and also want to ask, what is the next step after ollies? I want to always to have something in my mind thats my next progress.


The next steps are only limited by your imagination brooo! In all seriousness though, if you’re doing this after one month you’re clearly some kind of prodigy who will be embarrassing pros by the end of the year.

After ollies, it’s McTwists I’m afraid.


Thanks for the encouragement and feedback. I think McTwists is a few years away😁

I have been troubled by some back illness due work but I think I back again. I have been riding alot and practice ollies in speed.

I was thinking ollie 180 is the next step.

I post two videos they are not in slowmotion but you can enable slowmotion in YouTube to better judge.

Hopefully I can do a 180 soon. Is the technique correct?

You’ve got the movement right. Try them rolling and you’ll find exactly where your feet need to be.

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