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DC has a pretty clear direction for their team, he fits perfectly in that new wave of tech bracket. Plus they’re buying the Palace association.


Love this part

Ok fair, that’s the period I wasn’t sure about - I’d completely forgotten about Supra.

‘New wave’ as in new riders for DC or new wave as in young? Because Lucien is 34/35 now. Not sure DC would be that bothered about putting someone on at such a late stage in their career. Maybe Jahmir Brown is helping get him shoes.

Aside from still being really good at skating and super productive Lucien def has a streetwear/fashion following so feel like DC would want that association. Despite the whole 00s resurgence (in fashion in general, not skating) DC haven’t quite crossed over into ‘cool’ in that sort of territory yet


I guess I just mean people who weren’t in the first wave of 90s tech skating. So not Kalis, but all the other baggy trousers/big shoes guys on the DC team.

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Atlantic drift brand? Second slide

Interestingly isle posted some bits on insta after a couple of months hiatus.