ONDA SKATEBOARDS - Our new UK Skate Brand

Yes there’s that argument, but if don’t have a ‘team’ or any direction other than print boards I’m not backing it sorry.


But shops and distributors are forced to choose from the all.

And yeah, still needs a team.

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Not sure there’s much of a choice to be made by a shop or distributor between Onda and Primitive for example really but take your point.

Get on the hunt for route one/tkc sales contacts, tell them cool people sent ya

bumping this lads

dms are open


There’s been a few questions that I’ve yet to answer. Sorry for not responding to these sooner.
I really do appreciate the feedback I’ve received so far and it’s really helping us further shape the way we want this brand to be.

Products from other brands: These are acquired from the UK distributors and sold at the RRP.

Onda Skate Team: We’re working on this as well. We want our team to be made up of local skaters to begin with. This allows us to further our efforts in content production as well as show off why our local skate scene is awesome! Down the line I’m sure we’ll want to expand the team but we need to do these things slowly and organically. Standby for further updates on this.

Regarding getting into shops and distributors our plan for now is to get the attention from local shops. We believe strongly in supporting the local community as much as possible so they will be our priority to begin with.

We really do want our brand to be community orientated and we’re trying different initiatives to help further our goals.

For instance I’ve gone and bought a set of industrial size squeegees so that we can effectively mop up and dry our local skatepark real quick after it rains.
We’re also actively encouraging people to join us when we go for skates whether that’s in the local park or by our supermarket carpark. (We’re lucky to have one that’s sheltered from the rain so we can skate in all weather conditions.)

For now, we’re having a lot of fun doing this and we’re slowly getting it together piece by piece.

I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have, just comment below.

Cheers again and please don’t stop with the advice, criticisms and anything else you want to share as we can always do with a fresh set of eyes.

Merry Christmas :santa:

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