It’s the fact that your kids are meant to be giving you these presents on fathers day, haha.


You are a paedophile, you are a nonce, you’re a perv, you’re a slot badger, you’re a two pin din plug, you’re a bush dodger, you’re a small bean regarder, you’re an unabummer, you’re a nut administrator, you’re a bent ref, you’re the crazy world of Arthur Brown, you’re a fence foal, you’re a free willy, you’re a chimney bottler, you’re a bunty man, you’re a shrub rocketeer…


Do you get a card on steak and bj day?

Is it a real holiday or not?

So confusing these days what Hallmark actually sanctions.

I usually forgo a present in favour of breakfast in bed and getting to do wtf I like for the day. Hand drawn cards from kids always good. It is what you make it, be daft not to squeeze some you time/tactical advantage from it. This is possibly too cynical for your first one


And here was one that was touched by the angels…

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This year I got a selection sausage rolls and brownies from a local purveyor of delicious treats (bit early, but they were deliverer Tuesday). It’ll all be shared, but then I generally get to share the chocolates for Mothers Day so it’s all good.

Cards will be hand made by the littleun. We use it as an excuse to have treats from local businesses.

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Ewwww who did you have to give a blowie to?

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i’ll be watching blades beat newcastle (hi neddy) and drinking beers in the garden

i hope

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Nah nah.

We’ve been doing our usual thing every morning and watching a few Hey Duggee episodes. I’ve noticed that on iPlayer they’ve deleted pretty much all of season one, but there are newer episodes under season 3 now!

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They have a gameshow badge that references loads of UK quizzes apart from Pointless. I wonder if they did that on purpose because I was waiting for it and it never came.

I’ve been rinsing the new ones. So good to get some fresh Duggee.

Love the new one where it shows Dugee’s old musical phases.

Bit early for your kid, but for 4-10 YOs, Art Ninja is a good shout. Loads of home-made art projects to keep the kids entertained - the presenter is a skater who’s pretty good in real life and they always shoehorn skating into it.

Up there with the quality of Dug

Cut one of my kids hair, looks ridiculous but he loves it. Shaved sides and about an inch on top, like a wide spiky mohawk
Edit: Just looking at him, he looks well EDL rally.


These are pretty cool, these are from Estonia

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Anybody here tried a cork board? Habitat do them but I don’t really see any others. Can you buy sticky-back cork?

One of my crew has, will see if he will post conclusion (iirc it was ok, nice on the fingers but a touch slippery as it got older)

’ the habitat corky was amazing. super grippy for years. can crumble a bit if you are caught in the rain. i reckon i got 7 years of the cruiser before it started getting slippy. highly recommended’

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Little corky edit

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