Weren’t you scared they might crawl or roll somewhere while you slept?

All I know is no two kids are the same. Our first slept through the night from 6 months. Our second is a super light sleeper and Stirs systematically around 10:30-11pm

My little one, 8 months, classic 11pm meltdown for an hour at the moment. Gave him like 3oz of milk after trying to get him back down for 45mins, went straight to sleep. I just thought I was meant to be cutting out a night feed or dream feed - whatever they call it.

I’m so confused as to whether or not I’m doing the right thing, or just leave him to cry???

I’m pretty sure ours is just following her sleep cycle (apparently there’s about 8 stages in sleep) and the 11pm marks when she’s starting to dream I guess…?

8 months is fairly late but sometimes kids get stomach cramps and gas.

We’re currently so close to full nights sleep with our 6 month old, she just insists on waking up at 5am every morning and won’t go back down - she just wants to play!

I don’t think it’s cramps. I don’t know whether to try and put him down a little later. Currently going down at 7ish, bath time just after 6.

He was doing pretty well around six months went on holiday to Crete end of June, been pretty useless since then.

Stick at it Neddy, it’ll be tough but worth it in the long run.
We’ve always put our boy down at pretty much the same times as you. There were points where he went through sleep regressions. We would go from getting full uninterrupted nights, to 3 wake ups, back to full sleeps.

Couple all of that with teething and it can be a nightmare. Ours is 16 months now, nearly all his teeth and sleeping through from 7/7:30 to 6:30ish. He has a breastfeed when he wakes up, and one when he goes to sleep.

Mrs trying to ween him now, might be why its stressful. He can smell the milk!

Where would he go? The bed was ankle high, he could get out any time he wanted. Once he was sleeping in the bed, he slept all night every night. Just took us 2+ years to get to that stage.

Anyone else put a single use nappy in the washing machine? My advice is, don’t.

Nope haha.

We have the reusable ones. What happened?

hahaha omg this does not sound good

also, was it used beforehand?

Only with a wee. My wife likes to put them in the washing basket to bring downstairs, but the forgets to take them out. Then I bung all the washing in the machine without looking properly.
They swell up loads and leak what looks like silica gel crystals all over the washing and In the machine. It’s quite hard to get clean.

Got some ecoearrior froends who tried re-usable nappies for their first kid but soon gave up. Way too much hassle.
That said, for those ecologically minded, nappies are absolutely terrible for the environment!

Meh, so are human beings.

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I got some Eco by Naty pants for daughter, biodegradable single use and got to admit they felt real nice and soft, like natural cotton.
Hung pretty low though, she looked like she’d always shit herself.

Gave them a whirl yourself eh?

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Be rude not to

Reusable nappies aren’t stinking and a piece of piss to use. Nicked the idea from Corpsehands Mrs!

Presumably you mean from the parents point of view and cleaning them.
Not the kids way of using a strap on toilet.

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