Haha. They have jazzy patterns – I rate it!

We use them. Easy to use. Wash a load every 2-3 days. Not much more effort then disposables

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We’re about 50/50 with reusable / disposables, but the reusable we have are pretty old and I think the new ones are a lot better (they leak a bit and they’re hella warm).

Yeh we have a mix of bambino mio which at the moment we really rate. And some cheap covers and inserts from China. We have built up a collection over time so it wasn’t a massive outlay. We are on our 2nd baby so we went through the trial and error with number 1 using them.

We only use a disposable at night because I’m not getting up to change a nappy during the night

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I have to change baby’s at minimum once in the night otherwise it leaks and she’s soaked in the morning. She tanks milk tho

You’ll be wishing your child was still in a nappy when potty training starts.

laying in bed with my boy last night settling him down as he had a bad cough, he drops off, has coughing episode, voms all over me. sweet.

My 19 month old son has figured out his brother’s scooter.
I’ve noticed he’s goofy footed.
Chip off the old block, apart from the scooting bit.

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Yo who was talking about using CBD oil on here? Interested in sources/types/blah. PM a brother please

There are a few people that me or the Mrs speak with briefly in the school playground where our son goes.
One lady is a very loud Aussie who has the most annoying and energetic boy a couple of years younger than ours.
They’ve been over before for a BBQ but I hated it.
She’s too loud, her husband is a bit of a nob and their son is just a cunt that encourages Mrs loud to get louder shouting after him.
Today she tried pinning me down to arranging time for them to come over again and I just refuse to take the conversation anywhere instead suggesting they discuss it with my Mrs.
Not interested and so long as I know when this is going to happen, I shall make my excuses to be somewhere else.

Anyone on here that is sharing parenting, keen to hear what you do over Xmas?

Drop them off at hers in the morning for a few hours, open their presents there then come back home.

my daughter started secondary school this month which me and the mrs still can’t believe. the toddler years certainly have their troubles while you are trying to get the hang of it, but once they start school the time starts to flash past so fast as you dont see them all day. all of a sudden they are in reception, year 2, year 4 and then primary school is done. your life splits into 6 week half terms and 6 weeks goes past so fast - 6 x 6 week blocks and a school year is done. make the most of them small years as that phase really doesnt last long (although it feels sometimes like it will never end)


Last Christmas was the first separated one for me, but we were/are on good terms, so we spent most of Christmas eve together (kid’s birthday) and then all of Christmas into Boxing day at her family.

This year I’m dreading as I have a new partner and trying to figure everything out between the birthday and Christmas is going to be a nightmare.

err, possibly most related thread. Random q

where could I get skate company baby grows

Maybe Weeman has some signature garms?

You can get some non-legit Thrasher’s off ebay.

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There is s few on k8sk8s

Native had a Creature one but it’s out of stock.

TKMAXX has some Nike Sb baby sets too

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Nic at skate pharmacy had some at some point. Brother in law got my daughter a knock off thrasher hoody. And I got a legit one from titus with a mini meow deck for my daughter

Not stoked.

Had to leave work to take my wife to the hospital (not that bad but still not-stoked).

I dropped her off and went and parked so I wouldn’t have to take my boy in (7 months).

Realise I’ve forgotten my bastard phone so I had to go into the depths of the hospital looking for my wife holding him because I didn’t think I’d need the pram (not fun).

Here’s the thing. I found her and told her I’d meet her at the entrance where I knew it was the quietest bit.

Sat down with him as far away from anyone as I could because of you know… Germs. I don’t really want him on the hospital grounds really.

I’m singing to him on my lap and I look up and some woman has walked bloody miles over straight at us with a grin on her face and her hand out, jabbing him in the face.

I swatted her hand off and told her not to touch him but she kept like trying to go all coo coo coo on him and I keep batting her hand off and tell her to stop it. She gets shirty with me. For all I know she wipes her arse with that hand and she’s put them all over my baby.

What. The. Fuck.

Then I met up with my wife, again sat away from people as best as I could and then some old man makes a bee line for my boy and then suddenly jabs his stinking fingers on his face again!

Leave my fucking baby alone you stinking fucks. So weird.

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