That is annoying.
That and handing them sweets without your consent.

My kid had a proper meltdown the other day so we had to get off the bus. My wife got totally freaked out resulting in a minor argument so I took the kid and she stopped crying. An old lady bee lined up to me saying saying “You have the magic touch” to which I replied “No” rather bluntly. The poor woman didn’t know what to say after that and walked away.


People just need to fuck off.

I’m cursed with nannies here. Wife has to travel three days for work and our nanny just bust her ankle.

Does she walk 200 miles?

What do you say when your 4yr old says he doesn’t want to invite too many coloured people to his birthday party? :open_mouth:

FYI I flat out disagreed and explained why.

Sounds like another kid might be influencing them

It is really crazy how small kids can be influenced and interact between themselves.
My kid is smart enough to understand that his reasoning is wrong.
I always take the time to find out what his days are like and what’s on his mind.
It’s true that there are some turbulent kids in his midst and I try to explain to him that a difficult kid is probably just upset himself and needs a good friend or someone to help him explain something to him. At the same time, I do tell him that if the trouble kid is still acting a prick then my kid can just ignore them. Some people can’t be helped. We had the case recently where a kid we thought was friend of our kid was actually a nasty bully constantly winding up my kid, trying to coerce other kids into his bullshit behaviour. I’ve witnessed it on several occasions so now we don’t bother trying to work or play with him. My kid has moved on and knows to keep a distance.

Crazy, I had to have a similar talk with our middle lad. He would find colour really funny for some reason.

Last night me and the wife had a heart attack. Our boys are pretty switched on but the youngest (2) is a bit more inquisitive and tries to check shit out a bit more. Never had to lock cupboards etc but last night we heard the biggest crash. We have a huge mirror over the dining room fireplace. It leans on it actually and it’s too high for him to reach. but somehow he brought it down and it smashed one the table but stayed suspended on the fireplace and table. We run in and he runs from under a hailstorm of glass treading on it all too. My throat closed up and my head went funny. I grabbed him and lay him on the kitchen floor and examined him. Not a scratch. Loads of glass stuck to his feet but none has cut him at all.
Missus was nearly sick. But he’s absolutely fine. Still no idea how it came down right over him.

It was probably a ghost.

My 6 yr old came home from school and asked what black history week was.
It was something they covered a couple of weeks back.
Curiously, I asked him if he knew what is meant by the term, “black people”.
He didn’t and I said that was a positive thing because it hadn’t really occurred to him that there was much to be taken notice of in people’s colour.
I did explain a bit about what they would have been talking about at his school.
He’s Asian in appearance so may at some point experience some nonsense some day though fortunately hasn’t yet.

I remember when we went to the Philippines, my Mrs wandered off to go to a shop in a mall which left my son and I sat waiting with some time to people watch, he was 3 at this point.
After watching for a while he said, “everybody is different”.
I asked him to look more closely and pointed out that it was in fact me that was different in this place, he then laughed and said, “oh yeah”.
Pretty sure, and hopeful that he will have a pleasant enough and adult outlook to not be bothered by the colour of other kids.
I’m certain he’d never given it any consideration before.


Friend of mine was telling me about his kid (I think she was about 5 at the time) at a Dutch school and he said with some pride and incredulity ‘she just doesn’t see colour’. Is amazing how many generations it’s taken to get to this stage, stoked.

My oldest is a bit the same. We moved from Paris when she was 4, and our neighbourhood was majority Chinese, so she was minority white at school. It’s not that she doesn’t see colour, as she gravitated towards being friends with the Asian kids when she first went to school here (not many Asian kids in Cornwall!), but she doesn’t recognise it.

Sounds like he might be possessed? Have you recently moved into an old wooden house in the middle of the woods in America? Seen a few movies about this so PM me if you need to.

I did wonder why some people looked at me funny when I said we were calling him Damien.

On a serious note. He has moved into his older brothers bed and his older bro had many hallucinating night terrors there where he would talk about someone keep talking to him. Some of the things he comes out with are a bit unnerving sometimes. I have thought about filming them sleep to see how he goes but I definitely don’t want to be seeing dark entities kneeling by his bed haha. Not saying that it’s a possibilty but who the fuck knows?
Anyway. Not seen any glass since so I cleaned up well.

Going in to that odd time of year were my daughter turns 7 on Thursday and my son will still be 7 till Dec. It never gets old confusing people that I don’t have twins and yes I had them with the same women.

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baby comes out dick straight back in?



I think kids all notice in the end - whatever marks you out as different, they spot. Tall, short, freckles, red hair, brown skin, prominent teeth: they see it and comment on it. I had a weird experience once when I went to Kenya with my friend Andy, who’s black - but not as black as Kenyans. Because he dressed Western and spoke English he had kids in villages crowding round, poking him. They sort of expected me to look like I did: him they found really weird. They kept calling him something. We found out later it translated as ‘the black white man.’

Kids will start to notice things when they start to socialise with others and when they start to place each other in a heirarchy. They will use anything to make fun of the lesser groups of kids. Hopefully in time colour won’t be used the same because it’s not a feature to make fun of, it will just be normal. The only way kids will make fun of colour in this situation is if they have heard other people like their parents talking in a way to degrade people of colour.

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