Yer mate approached the subject with the Mrs last night, she wants to try this weekend. I can’t complain really hes been super chill.

He’s been taking day time naps in his cot already so hopefully used to it a little bit already.

Oh man this book saved us:

From bedtime at 9 and getting up every 2 hours to feed her till 6am to sleeping the whole way through from 7pm with one dream feed at 10pm. Get them into another room ASAP. This book helped us sleep train ours and I bang the drum to anyone with a baby to start training as soon as. Wish we’d done it earlier (we started at about 8 months too). Total gamechanger to get your evenings back. PM me if you want a pdf version.

Yer @Spanky can you PM me that please.

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yeah we got our lad in his own room asap. think it was 6 months or so. really used to it now. at 2. takes himself off and gets in bed after is bath. takes about 15 minutes laying with him while he does his mental ten minutes before he falls asleep as soon as he lays down and calms down and stops fighting sleep.

wakes up once in the night if he does maybe 3 times a week but give him a slurp of milk and lay him back down and lay with him for 5 minutes and hes back off until 6.30/7 most mornings.

Too late for me, but I wish I’d known about this at the time with our son. I had a home office which became his room when he was 10 months or so, and in hindsight, I really should have sorted that out way earlier. In 2.5 years, we had one single night where he slept all the way through. Pretty sure when he was older it was because his arms and legs were getting tangled in the cot - we made a futon bed for him from a delivery palette so it was effectively a double bed which he couldn’t fall out of and it worked instantly.

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Ahh Could i get a PDF of that please. Our daughter woke up last night and began balling. Normally we can calm her down with a little bit of milk but last night she turned into a screaming banshee. We couldn’t hold her, tried offering her a blanket and she screamed no! in the end she got our double bed and we had the floor/sofa. She can talk a bit now but cant quite explain whats the matter when she wakes at night.


Maybe she had her first nightmare and doesn’t know whats going on?

She’s 2 and wakes up regularly often saying ‘No’ or ‘Mine’. But last nigh was like some sort of night terror.

Night terrors are a thing. No fun but they should pass.

Our son went through a long phase of peeing the bed. He still does it randomly. Best solution was to invest in multiple sheets!

one book that was quite useful is the ‘baby whisperer’ , and i think they did a toddler version, but it essentially splits them into 5 or 6 key types (textbook, angel, spirited etc) and then gives good advice for how to best deal with that type as quite simple differences in how you approach an issue can get quite significantly different results depending on the personality type your kid has.

and one big tip is beware the short term fix as it will create long term problems. our second child (a boy) just would not go to sleep in his cot, he would jus stand up and start shouting - not even crying, but literally just shouting, jumping about and making noise - until we put him in our bed and then he went straight to sleep. rather then tough it (as he would be screeching for hours) out we just took the short term option so we could get some sleep, but it meant he only associated sleep with our bed and he was in there every night for such a long time. if you and your partner have the stamina to stick to your guns then it is always better to go for the long term solution

It’s about routines from an early age right through a number of years.
My 6yr old will get himself ready for bed and school, teeth cleaning, face washing, dressing himself with the clothes we hand to him, including school uniform.
Odd as it might sound but something as simple as toilet training came from watching me go for a pee unashamedly.
He just wanted to do it the same way and completely skipped using a potty after nappies.
Our most recent knows the routine for bedtimes, typically 11am until 3pm and then back to bed by 7:30 or so for a sleep through until 6 or 7am.
They share a room.
Eldest goes to sleep in our bed, about 7 or 8 pm, the youngest in their shared room goes to bed at around the same time and then I carry the eldest to his bed a bit later on in their room each night.
One or the other wakes up first and entertain each other for a while.
Usually at a reasonable time of 7am.
Routines, and normality.

same with toilet training, middle kid laughed so hard when he saw me piss. gave me a complex ha

going to start potty training now my son is 2. he watches me piss all the time, but the trouble is hes right by the toilet. obviously i only have one hand available to try to stop him shutting the lid, trying to grab my piss, look down the toilet and have me piss on his head etc. multiple times ive had to take avoiding action or stop mid flow to avoid giving him a pissy christening.

another time i was taking a shit and he was in the room, he grabbed the pot of nappy rash/barrier cream and rubbed about half of it in his hair copying what i do with hair gel. he then sat there happily styling his hair with arse cream. he wasn’t as pleased with the roughly 15 hair washes in the next half hour to try and get water resistant cream out of his hair.


Haha, that’s awesome.

Potty training wasn’t that bad for our son, only he once ended up shitting on the bathroom floor, then stood in it and the heat and stench fully put him off pooping properly for a while. He ended up wanting to poo in a nappy, which was tolerable, only he’d insist on climbing under the kitchen table to do it and often fall asleep halfway through. We decided enough was enough and bribed him with the promise of a new matchbox car if he could get through the weekend pooping on the toilet. This was just after he’d done his business and he bolted off the toilet for a failed attempt. Either way it worked and he got his toy car.

bathroom floor reminded me of the time i was playing with my boy and he liked climbing up my legs with me holding his hands then over by shoulder so he was upside down with me holding his ankles, id turn round and lower him into a forward roll. much fun. then one time i didnt realise he has just drank a load of milk. all went well, he stood up, puked half a pint of milk all over the floor, walked though it crying, slipped in it and smacked and his head on the floor like a knocked out boxer.

sometimes is so fucking hard not to laugh, not about the head banging obv, but slipping in milky puke and trying to stand up like a new born dear on a ice rink.


Tried little man in his own room last night for the first time. Had a few naps in his cot previously. He’s just gone past four months. No problems at all woke up once 3am ish for a quick feed, straight back to sleep and was still sleeping when I left for work this morning.

Wallop! Sounds like it went well!

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Yer all good. Nice to have a room to just me and the Mrs as well. Haha.

got woken up by my lad this morning at quarter to six. came into our room, shouting dance!dance! dance!

this means in 2 year old speak, put on no limits by 2 unlimited, which he is obsessed with at the moment. really not the first song i want to hear when i wake up in the morning, but totally worth it when they say “every body say yeah!” and his hands go up in they air with a YEAH!

after 5 times on repeat though it had to go off 90s techno cheese at 6am is bollocks

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