Got my 5 year old a set up for Christmas and I’m probably more excited about it than she will be. I’m as curious about whether she’ll turn out to be goofy or regs as I was about her being left or right handed


Choosing baby names. Fucking minefield


Some ideas?



Do you know the sex?

I’m in the same sitch at the moment. We’re expecting a boy but wife is insistent the name is strong and works in both Estonian and English. And once you dismiss all her ex’s names it’s pretty thin pickings. And I’m not that into any of them.

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Some excellent strong names in here:


Not familiar with Estonian names but first thing that comes to mind is Liam.

My son’s called Maxime and daughter Nina. Both these work in English and French and don’t have any obvious nocknames or abbreviations. Also the kids can spell them.

Current names bandied around are Franklin and Leonard

So obvs certain sections of Playing Fields and Timecode got played to the wife

No, we’re having to do a boy and girl list

Heath and Ethan are on the list from the skate world but it gets harder for girls - Leticia, Elissa hmm

If I had a girl right now I’d call her Wilma.
Boy, I dunno, Thunder or something manly.


Lucas was my second choice.

Think I need to see it to decide. Obvs not just to give it the right gender name but to see if it actually looks like a Barry or a Donna.

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Or just call them Barrydonna

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Cappadonna’s lesser known cousin from Birmingham


Noticed the scratching and beatboxing on Love Monster (CeeBeebies) today. I reckon there are loads of 35-45 year old Dads who grew up on Skypager in charge of these programmes.

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We had such a long list of girls names we agreed on but slim pickings for boys. When we found out baby was a boy it was quite easy pick a winner between the two we both liked. Sonny Rafferty Adams was born on 2nd Nov 2020, weighing 7lbs9… I’ll be dipping in this thread a lot more me thinks!


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