I always try and get my kids to do as much as possible, mostly the mundane stuff like scanning shopping at the self checkout, paying at the till (my money of course), even getting them to order at Starbucks etc. Just stuff I was never encouraged to do while I was told ‘just sit over there and don’t touch anything!’.
(This is obviously at an older age, nobody has time for some fucking 2 year old sorting out their latte order.)
The one area I think I have ‘fucked up’ though would be when Im always reading that you shouldn’t be ‘friends’ with your kids and they should be scared of you or some shit.

yeah pro tip this to be fair !

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I’ll probably have to just stick with trying not to say ‘fuck’ too often for now.

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I’ve read the whole internet about this but appreciate anyone sharing experiences with this kind of scenario…

Our son is exclusively breastfed by my wife. Hes currently 10 weeks. at about 4 weeks we started to try an introduce a bottle of expressed milk as we initially thought wife would be returning to work v part time at 8 weeks. At that point he took to it quite well. Would never do a complete feed, but sucked away for a bit and didn’t cause a fuss. We got a bit complacent and just thought ‘ha we’ve cracked that’! … Turns out because of covid, wife won’t be returning until she can open her salon back up but we’ve started to try and do the bottle again now regularly because at some point she’ll have to go back but also gives me a chance to cover when she could have a little break…
… Well now he’s having none of it. Proper kicks off, quivering bottom lip immediately, arms and legs flapping… its awful!


They do flip out for virtually no reason and something that they were into one day isnt on the next. Can’t really offer much advice other than try to stay as calm as you can because if you panic they panic, maybe chuck on a lullaby or something soothing as they do enjoy routines and just power through. They get used to it but it sucks in the interim.

Kind of related: Our little boy was breast and bottle fed, formula and expressed and when he was feeding would go sometimes go completely rigid, shake, his eyes would roll up like he was in a trance. It scared the living shit out of both of us, went to A&E, GPs the lot, every forum and website we could find. Eventually we took him to an older health visitor who said Boy? Yep? Big lad? Yep? Only does it on bottles? Yep. He’s forgetting to breathe when he’s eating because he loves food too much. Let him catch his breath and he’ll be fine.

(TL/DR Kids are sometimes selfish pricks and have no consideration of how concerned their parents are for their welfare)


Yer my little boy wouldn’t take the bottle from me for weeks. Just be persistent :slight_smile:


We never got ours on the bottle. Sorry, that probably doesn’t help!


Who is giving him the bottle?

My five month old always seems to sleep more soundly when I sleep in the room with him and not his mum, and our current theory is that because there’s no chance of breastfeeding, he’s a little more happy and content, rather than feeling like he’s missing out on the real thing. Could be the same with a bottle if it’s being offered from your wife.


Yeah I think what BDF said, there is always a certain amount of kicking off that’s unavoidable and he’ll most likely settle down. Persevere with it, he’ll come around. Experiment with where you do the feeding and the mood. Sound like you’re doing everything right



I try giving him the bottle. Wife tries to be away from us either upstairs or down depending…At the moment, only being 10 weeks, he’s still in our room in the next-to-me cot and he’s usually feeding twice in the night between 2/3am and then again 4.30/5.30am. I usually try bottle mid morning when he seems really happy (then make him him unhappy :roll_eyes:)

Yeah, I think I’ll try a tea time feed over the next few days… reason we haven’t been so far is that he proper takes it on throughout the evening to build up for the night.

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I couldn’t do it with my son, he just wasn’t interested in me until he was about 3. Daughter was a bit easier. Hope it mellows out!


That’s pretty good to have that routine this early (I think) especially if he’s sleeping for even some of the rest of the time.

My advice would be that you give him the bottle because he knows you won’t breast feed him.

Kids in general always have the knack of changing their habits when you think you’ve got them cracked.

Strict routines definitely help though.

We went straight to Reuben being in his own room and one of us sleeping in there with him, rather than two people getting a shit night of sleep. Bought a fancy foam single mattress and set it up next to his cot. I would wholeheartedly recommend this approach.


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