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Is it worth starting new thread for these?

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yeah i like these too

cata diaz’s one was enjoyable

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Yep these are great. Haven’t seen them all, but those I have seem to properly nail the documentary side of things and get the daily life aspect of one person, rather than sticking a fisheye into yer man’s face as he pretends he has a fried breakfast every day in Weatherspoons.

Always liked Hjalte Halberg’s one -

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This one’s really good as well


Yep, that was so rad. Speaks four languages and all the ledges he skates are close to hip height on him. Ripper.

This one was kind of cringe:

I think it was done on purpose.

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She is so sick and a really interesting character.
Hyped to watch this one.

Darius Tralbalza from Croydon/Bromley is there too right?

I just watched it - she’s cool.
And yeah, Darius is in it

Definitely one for the watch later pile.