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Thank you mate!

Bobby posted a clip in which he did that trick too yesterday and I now have to learn it if those two do it. :nerd_face:


Anyone want a copy of this n that on dvd? Found it in a box at my parents house.

“If you exhale like “O” it’s warm air. If you exhale like “o” it’s cold air.”

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Anyone going to watch the end of this sub 2 hour marathon thing? Down to the last 10 mins now.


Edit: just realised I’ve got it!

I’d be happy to take it off your hands mate!

In other topics, we had a golf thread on the other forum didn’t we? Did any of the golfers make it through the exodus to here? I’ve only recently started playing (as a way to spend some quality time with my grandad - 87 years old and still playing golf) and I’ve become utterly obsessed. Can tell it’s going to become expensive very quickly.

Picked up a set of clubs recently but haven’t found anybody to go with yet.
Been to the driving range a couple of times.

DM me your address and I’ll post it out

Wouldn’t say I’m obsessed exactly but I’ve been playing about once or maybe twice a month since January of this year.

Personally I enjoy playing a different course each time though that can lead to some very challenging/bad rounds!

Footballers tend to play golf quite a bit.
I wondered if it might be good for helping with learning angles, curvature and judging distance, which are requirements in football.

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Footballers have a lot of time to fill and have to stay in hotels a lot as well is more like it. Something for them to have a little (massive) wagers on. Pro skaters like Koston love a bit of golf.

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I play maybe ten times a year, but I’m congenitally shit at it. Never been any good at ball games. I’ve been at it like that for a decade maybe and I’ve only broken 100 once. Still enjoy it, though. One good shot can make up for a whole round of mostly terrible ones.

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Anyone here play pool/snooker? I try to play at least once a week, usually 9 ball rather than snooker.

They have russian billiard tables here, it’s mental, the tables are same size as snooker but the balls are huge and there’s only 3mm clearance for the corner pockets.

I love pool. Prefer pub pool to the American style. Snooker is good too but I’ve had too many sketchy encounters in my local snooker halls so had to knock it on the head.

Never played proper golf but would love to, I have always thought i’d be good at it ha. Used to play pool and snooker alot in my early twenties but i’ll probably play pool once a year now if i’m lucky. Would love to get back into it.

used to play pool on saturdays in a pub called the Yucatan on stoke newington high st when i lived in dalston around 99/00, there was a bloke who worked there who had the very thoughtful and caring nickname of ‘suicide tom’ (becuase he was so grumpy and miserable - it really was a different time then), but he used to play pool with the broom handle while he was sweeping up and he was almost unbeatable. it was winner stays on and there were a few people who between them would usually beat all challengers, and he would always beat whoever was the current winner, even though he never seemed to practice or even play with a proper cue. god knows how he was so good, doesnt make any sense as he shouldnt have had any control over the ball at all


Pitch and putt is a good starting point for golf.
The huge full courses will have you beating yourself to death with your own clubs if you start there.
Decent one in Swindon that doesn’t require that you dress a certain way. That’s something I really can’t stand about the golf scene but somehow understand, in an odd way.
Nearest with the “don’t care what you wear”, is in Ascot.
Great 9 hole pitch and putt course and very challenging but with practice, you learn your way round it.

I still get into a cold rage thinking about the time I went as a fourball to St Mary’s Golf Course in Bridgend and we weren’t allowed to play because one of us had a single white stripe down his otherwise logo-less, plain long length shorts.

The guys in the clubhouse told us the club captain was out today and if he saw those shorts he would… and I quote… ‘go mental’.

Imagine a life where if you saw a stripe down some plain shorts you would go mental.

I’ve never gone back and I never will. The tiny minded fucking cunts. Oooh I still get mad thinking about it now and that was years ago.

The last time I played golf at the celtic Manor in Newport I left my buggy with two of its wheels two inches off the path so that other people could get around me. A marshall came up and had a right go at me and made me move it… Despite him driving around my buggy on the grass himself. He didn’t like that when I pointed it out. He stopped to watch me hit my drive to try and psyche me out I think and I basically hit the greatest tee shot of my entire life. He saw my scraggy long hair and thought I was going to be a shit house but I absolutely creamed one straight and loooong and I basically felt like turning round and giving him a good old British V’s.

British clubs are so much fussier at shit like this than clubs that are 10 times nicer in America (in my experience). The courses I’ve played out in florida filled with retired guys playing in flip flops smoking massive cigars and drinking lager out on the course. No one gives a fuck.

Geting good at golf is absolutely solid. You pretty much have to have coaching if you start late and you want to be anything other than a mid 20s hacker.

My swing is a kind of polo/croquet smash but it kinda works for me sometimes. I think I’ve broken a 100 once. It’s hard for someone like me not to duff two tee shots straight into a hedge and walk on to the next hole at least once a round.


Some cunt once walked across two fairways just to tell my mate to tuck his shirt in.

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