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Picture of dog mentioned earlier.

I had a good talk with my wife last night and I’m feeling much better today, despite his worst night’s sleep last night.


Looks like there needs to be a dog/cat thread. Pretty sure there used to be.


Yes, you can do this. I live near a petting zoo type place and they have them together in the same hutches.

Somebody please start a cat/dog thread.

I would but I don’t want the notifications, thanks.

Dude you can turn those off

Just scroll to bottom of the thread and change topic from ‘Watching’ to ‘Tracking’

OK new cats and dogs and pets thread here:


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If anyone wants my next door neighbours cat I’ll kidnap it and bring it to your door to stop it shitting in my garden

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Lovely! Thanks!

Partridge jacket in the Palace look book.


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Is Sean Goff involved in this new SS20 thing? Pretty sure he posts here…

I think all the OGs are in some way from what I know

In so far as he’s repping it, yes, but in terms of the business side/actually doing it, I believe that’s pretty much just Mon Barbour (with Ian Roxborough of R.A.D fame helping with some of the designs).
I’ve got a few bits from them and it’s all good quality.
SS20 rpznt

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Forgot my pin number yesterday at the petrol station. Its completely gone out of my head. I dont think I’ve not had to use it in so long. My wife was not please when I came back to the car and asked her to pay.


My six-digit CAMRA membership number is one number away from my childhood home phone number. If the 3 was a 4 it’d be the same.


One of my mate’s mobile number is one digit away from my dad’s

My girlfriend’s phone number is the same backwards as it is forwards. It’s the only other mobile phone number I know off by heart aside from mine.

I used to know most of my mates’ numbers as I got a mobile later than most people but I just realized that I also only know my number and my girlfriend’s now. Mad how our brain functions differently since we got those things. Goodbye memory.

I still remember my parent’s shop and home phone numbers from childhood. Not that I need to call these numbers, but still…
I read about a study a few years back which said that because we rely heavily on being able get information easily online, we don’t necessarily remember the details of what we read or searched for, only how to remember how to find or search for it.


i remember a massive barney me and my ex had because i didn’t have her number memorised.
‘what if there was an emergency??!!’ etc
jesus, sorry.
don’t remember any numbers at all ever and only just have mine sort of remembered.