Polar - Sounds Like You Guys Are Crushing It

Went to the Lost Art screening last night. Stoked on the video. Nick Boserio, Oski and Jamie Platt all killed it, Jamie Platts song too.

They’ve left it a bit too long.
I’ll still watch it, but hurry up.

Today apparently


It premieres in 5 hours. Kyle Wilson listed as a guest skater which I was surpised by but that’s cool.


That was banging, cheers for the heads up. More H street vibes, the Isolater is a tuuune


I enjoyed that a lot.
Stoked to hear Naked Raygun’s ‘Treason’ reused which takes Pontus’ video referencing outside it’s usual parameters and into Speed Wheels ‘A Reason for Living’ territory.

Made me want to skate anyway.

Natas part above has another naked ray gun track from the ‘Treason’ album at the start.
TheTreason track that Ville has is on the same video but I can’t remendr which section.

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Fucking phone posting…

Random aside: I bumped into an aging punk in M&S in Wakefield a few weeks ago wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the Naked Raygun Treason cover art on it.
Pontus must be sending out messages

Lol - it’s on the Andy Roy section


Treason has always stayed on my playlists over the years because of this video. In my head it was over Tom Knox or Alan Petersen footage or something…turns out we all forgot over the past 32 years. ha ha.

Gonna watch this bad boy tonight. Hopefully it justifies my Polar deck habit.

Absolutely dying at Aaron Herrington doing the Little Alex spesh for his ender

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Didn’t expect that!

Roman Gonzalez’s ender was pretty special too.

Shin’s bs power slide.


I too chuckled.

With that said - Avi has been doing that one bs and fs for a long, long time

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Just cos

I’ve never seen or heard anything from Paul Grund outside of Polar videos. He’s good though - it’s more like he’s getting the nod of being formally acknowledged that he’s good enough to be pro, even if he doesn’t go down the media clusterwank in order to fully cash in on pro status.

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It’s mad that so many people seem to have not heard of Jamie Platt. He’s had coverage for years albeit being injured for a bit

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He’s just been a photo/montage guy, tho. Never had “the video part”, right?


No, they couldn’t. That’s the reason that it’s called Quartersnacks top 10. :wink: