Post-Covid Predictions?

I’m guessing they’re not paid very much.

I’ve not looked into it, but it’s probably minimum wage, but a job is a job! And a lot of jobs here in Cornwall are minimum wage.
I worked minimum wage, zero hours contract for the first year of moving back from France (8 years ago), although in an office, not picking produce.

I looked into doing it and as you expect it’s minimum wage. Where I looked, the catch was that part of your salary was knocked off every week to cover your rent in a shared block for the period which was un negotiable apparantly .

farmer on LBC said that he paid people based on their performance. The “foreigners” would work their asses off and get paid accordingly. The UK lads would sit on their phones and moan a lot and get the minimum wage

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Isn’t that usually where pilots come from?

That doesn’t sound very nice to me.

…pretty unlikely, since, as you say…

Turns out it’s better paid than I thought. £12-£14 per hour, but still not many takers.

Quite a bit about it mentioned in this:

Wonder if they’ll get more takers now? Doubt it!

Maybe people will do that work if they get really desperate but you’d think just working in supermarket would be easier.

It’s because of this bullshit celebrity cultue that people here think they’re above it. Some Kardashian is rich for whatever reasons and it gets mentioned in enough places (even a skateboard forum) that people who follow that ‘news’ think that that’s how to live. Nobody’s Instagramming themselves next to a big basket of fruit they’ve just toiled for in the sun when they can go to a car or watch showroom and pose with the products.


Lol. Soooooo much project fear going on right now.

I just got a new watch and have decided not to flex it anywhere :slight_smile:

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Besides to Spanky on whats app haha.

Before anyone asks it was a really vulgar gold Rolex


Lol if they ever do a Parks & Rec reboot Hugo could play Jean-Ralphio

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Think ‘child’s swimming/arm band dipped in glue then rolled in diamante’

Not really. It was a nice classic sub.

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And then I flexed mine back

I’m getting less and less confident post covid will even exist. It’s going to be fucking carnage at the weekend when all the thick cunts get to the pub. I feel sorry for any like fucker that is working on saturday when they are inundated by thick cunt sun readers


I want one of yours. Very nice.

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