Primitive - Encore

Those trackes with the huge Nike tick down the side are some of the worst I’ve seen, truly embarrassing.

Really want to watch this, still haven’t managed to get throuh the Helas video yet

Totally agree. Not expecting full parts from everyone. Kinda a Girl/Chocolate vibe. I’m wondering if PRod will put out a full part with more from the others who didn’t get a full part, Brian Peacock, I’m looking at you!!
I’m not up on PRod’s recovery, but I remember seeing something where he said he’d like to do one more full part if he had it in him. Quite brave of them to put out a full video without him. I like that.

He was frontside big spinning down some stairs and destroyed his knee

Yeah I’d like to see more from Brian Peacock and it’s a shame about P-Rod’s injury as the footage he was putting out before was some of my favourite stuff I’ve seen from him.

Yeah, I guess it is quite brave - but the one thing I really respect with Primitive is that they have embraced new media and are using it to their advantage.
With that in mind, I guess they are thinking that a solo Prod banging section which he has more time to work on is better than lumping him in here with his early post-injury stuff where it might get lost in the mix.


When was this in the video? Totally missed it!

Just before Ribeiro’s part. They are skating some ledges in Porto. Think he does a switch flip nosegrind.

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Some insane stuff in this. Music let it down in places for me but was surprised when BoC popped up, although it’s a typical track to use.
Ribeiro is madness but hated the track. Vianna’s last trick is lovely. Really like Villani but missed some of his quirk in this but still really amazing. Tiago obviously… don’t need to say anything.

It’s Lisbon i think.

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Yep you’re right!

SOTY, GOAT, take your pick.

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P-Rod knows what he’s doing. I’m far from Primitive’s target audience but I really appreciate their output. JB and Franky Villani in the same vid? Fuck yeah.

How come none of you mentioned Carlos Ribeiro? Dude’s skating is otherworldly. That switch flip backtail was science fiction material.


backside nollie heel fakie nosegrind on the rail was also jokes

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I’m not normally a fan of “perfect” tricks, but that was ridiculous, couldn’t have possibly executed it better, seemed to stay the same speed the whole time and just glided along the ledge.


And that bank to up the rail lipslide. Did not see that one coming!

Carlos isn’t my dude, i definitely appreciated his section more on the second watch but he’s just not that interesting to me. he’s too SLS and not enough fun. basically he’s not Frankie or Tiago

actually i’ll tell you what. in the outro of the video they had a sort of “encore greatest hits” and that had loads of Carlos’s tricks in it. that made me appreciate his section a lot more

Same here! Perfection is boring but that was a good example of the exception proving the rule, as there’s no way anyone should be able to do that trick, that well. My mind was blown.

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Big fan of Franky, fan of Carlos, not that into Tiago. Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate his skating and his pop and I’m not saying anything negative about him. I can’t relate to his skating while Franky doing a kickflip on a small bump and Carlos skating ledges does make me want to skate. Tiago is too superhuman, it seems like what he’s doing is something else, in another universe.

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