Product placement

I already noticed it a few years ago but I could be wrong; It seems like skaters are always wearing Thrasher clothing in videos hosted on the Thrasher site. Last example because I just watched it was the Spitfire Arson Department IV.

I’ve already heard of photographers and skaters colour coordinating their clothing to a spot which is fine, but I was wondering if there were more blatant examples of product placement in videos?

They probably just get some free thrasher stuff and it’s cool innit :slight_smile:

Thrasher the biggest skate content provider now in print and online, I would think everyone wants to keep them onside. Wonder if they pay out incentives?

Skate videos were basically invented for the purpose of product placement. Im sure Thrasher just flow out loads of t-shirts

Maybe those kids smoking fags down the bus stop are actually filming for Thrasher. Or Vans.

Yeah as said before Thrasher definitely dishes out packages to a shit load of people

I don’t really get what the question is here though, surely any content put out for a skateboard company is product placement by default?

Obviously skate video’s are all about shifting product but I just noticed for a while already that when people get their video posted on Thrasher, the kid will be wearing thrasher t-shirts in virtually all the clips.

Back in the day I don’t feel it was so blatant. I mean dudes weren’t repping nothing but transworld shirts when they had parts in the old TWS videos.

Maybe the discussion should diverge towards dubious bench placements à la Berrics…?

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