remove james Hope Gill from skateboardgb he does not represent us

as a lifelong uk skateboarder nothing angers me more than having a golf playing suit in charge
lets gain some momentum

sign the petition today


Isn’t he just the guy who understands and deals with national sporting structures rather than someone with say over direction?

What I mean is…The skaters there bring the skate knowledge and he brings the ability to deal with people like UK Sport, etc. which is a skilled trade.

If so, then does it even matter who this form filler is?

Or if it does, who would replace him with those abilities from the skate community?
Our abilities stretch far and wide as a group but wasn’t this part of the problem initially? As in, no skater had the ability to do this role to the level required?

I have no horse in this race. Maybe its needed. Maybe it isn’t.
But gimme and alternative plan here to go for rather than just pushinng someone out the door.


In charge of what? As a lifelong UK skateboarder, nothing Skateboard GB do affects anything about my life.

Also there are plenty of golf players in skateboarding.


Would like to know what he’s done that makes you so angry. Also, who are you? Give us some background.

I have no horse in this race either

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I’m playing with 15 other centrist dads this weekend.

I’ll have to hand in my skateboarding licence i guess :man_shrugging:


Do you get a membership card for the centrist dad club?

I’m more of a raging leftist dad, a rarer breed the golf club but they’re about still


If you get rid of most of those useless clubs, you can fit an incredible amount of cheap lager into a golf bag.
Cross eyed by hole 18 and no need for hole 19 at all.



Golf courses sell pints. That’s an area where most skateparks are blowing it, and perhaps something Skateboard GB could address.


I looked him up. From his background he’s basically a mainstream sports kind on man. Golf, football and even lacrosse. If he’d made bad decisions about skatepark funding or Olympic team selection based on not understanding skating I’d maybe have something to say about him, but I can’t find anything he’s done particularly wrong.


Remember when he said he was “way too old” to give skating a go?! I didn’t sleep for weeks!


He’s made sure quite a few skateboards deal with the hands on stuff as well.

I bet he’s got an independent cross tattoo.

Skateboarders just want to skate and when they can’t most just get depressed and live life in bitterness. It’s not often skaters want to stay on and do admin so who would he be replaced with?

Like when you ask a brexiteer what benefits there are, can you provide any info to why he’s some dark lord steering us to wearing lycra performing to Bolero?
I’ll make my mind up once I have some shit to slang!

It just seems to be the way the world is nowadays. Adam Crozier was head of the FA and the Post Office. As far as I’m aware he was never a footballer. Or a postman.

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What a poser.

Games gone innit


Guys guys guys. This is obviously the other guy that applied when the role was advertised, went through the multistage interview process, presented to the board, then lost out on the job to James.

It can’t be a case of a skater sitting around not doing something because “core keeping it real man” then moaning about someone else getting the job because they play golf.


If you didn’t get the job, you’re golfing with the wrong people.


I vote for Justin Eldridge

In fairness to the OP, pretty sure I remember some consternation about this guy’s appointment and his suitability at the time it happened. Maybe that was on IG rather than on here. :woman_shrugging:

I wish I had the energy to photoshop a picture of someone unmasking him to reveal that he was Daniel Gesmar all along.

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