remove james Hope Gill from skateboardgb he does not represent us

Did they attempt that?

I actually set that thing up to push towards getting better (and concrete) parks built here as everyone was fed up with GBH/Peerless metal ramps.
I feel like I was always pretty honest over “I don’t know how to set up an official governing body but heres a way we can have a voice to skatepark builders.” and that was enough for the bit I felt was needed.

So, once that was kinda rolling in a positive direction and the whole coaching side reared up I sort of started to tread down that path and realised I really didn’t give a shit about dealing with coaching certificates and Olympics so left it all behind.

Lucy, etc. were involved in it. Nic headed it up after me.
To be honest, I actually paid no attention to the UKSA after I left in about 2007…I don’t know what it did and even when it dissolved and turned into something else.

Did they make a proper attempt to turn into an NGB under that name?
I always assumed it never happened and the Jerome Campbell group was the first to properly try…

Also, I just looked up the old website…

Who on earth runs that?!?
It looks like some of my old writing, with AI bot transcripts stuffed in there, too…and some random generic text/lists here and there.
Very odd.
Kinda reeks of some phishing site.


Skateboarders of all time alludes to someone not completely core… whatever that means?

I once got told I couldn’t consider myself as a real or core skateboarder anymore because:

  1. I had a kid, so my dedication clearly wasn’t entirely to skateboarding.
  2. I’ve been paid by skate companies to work, so am not in it for the love.

@Chopper and @Spanky were there for that conversation, too.
It was from someone who owned a skate company themselves but never paid a single rider or artist, which made point two even stranger.

Good times.


That site has been set up for SEO backlinking. You wait for a domain registration to expire, you buy the domain, you copy and paste old content from and you link out from the site to the sites you want to power up with backlink power to rank higher in Google.

Good job on the concrete skateparks thing, that has definitely had a huge net benefit to UK skaters. Bit weird if that’s being used as justification for the ongoing bureaucratic structure for UK skateboarding in general though.

I am generally very sceptical of organisations like SkateboardGB. I think these kind of orgs tend to get very good at intercepting funding and pumping it into projects, but not very good at targeting those projects to real skaters needs. That silly app they have made is a case in point. Seeing SkateboardGB people at black tie events getting awards for funneling cash into an app nobody is ever gonna use is a bit gross.

Having said that, if skaters are involved at least they can steer it. If skaters aren’t involved, it can only be worse.

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Their insta is so shit. Once saw a post they made of a slo mo of a triple flip or something by a youtuber. They haven’t got a clue.

I’m gonna say yes, in as far as that the majority of my info for that story came from Powley as the main interviewee plus I maybe had Lucy look over the piece to double check too before I handed the assignment in.

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Nice, maximum awareness!

Even though I am lazy and don’t like the hassle, I did enjoy the shortlived time answering emails to local councils for Uksa. I hope that my direct approach stopped a few gbh contracts going through.


Oh DM that please or put it on blast. Such bullshit


You old champagne socialist you


I had the “pleasure” of skating a maverick park today.

So poorly designed, which lots of weird techniques and weird obstacles crammed into the space.

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Which one?

Churchdown I think it was called. Near Gloucester.

OP plan is going so well that we’ve never heard from them again and JHG is still in place.

What exciting times we live in.

I’m taking the piss, of course.
I mean…It’s good but still not quite up there with “why buy from skate shops when you can get loads of skate gear at TK Maxx?” line from Kingpin.

Now thats some real epic own goal type shit.

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Kingpin said that? Haha wtf who was advertising in it?

1 signature. That shit’s gaining momentum :joy:


No signatures if you don’t include OP.


Captain Tom levels of momentum.


JHG seemingly harmless whilst OP appears to have axe to grind

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omg I thought you guys were joking

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