Revoke Article 50

They still haven’t forgiven the English for the first potato famine in 1845 yet!

isn’t that like jumping off a ship into the middle of the pacific ocean just in case the ship sank later on?


Insane book. I’m only halfway through after months of reading because I find it so depressing but it also doesn’t even shock me. Can’t read it when I’m feeling myself even tho I live for stuff like that. Is it fucked that none of it is really that shocking too? But seeing it in words just makes it so real and horrendous. I’ve been wondering what the implications are for Brexit and disaster capitalism, apart from issues like the flogging of the NHS as a bargaining tool.

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I’ve actually not read Shock Doctrine cos I’m a bit scared it will depress me. I really should, No Logo was brilliant.

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You’re right, it will depress you!
Seeing just how blatant it is, and how it has happened so many times, for so long, and it continues, and gets even worse. It’s just how things happen now. There is no ‘normal’ any more.

And no government or people with positions of power are ever held accountable/prosecuted for their actions no matter how much suffering is caused.

Watching the debate on channel 4.

Dominic Raab looks like a badger.

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Wanted to watch that but just come for dinner at the hotel I’m hauled up in for work.

Who came across the best (of the worst)?

Dominic Raab came across like abit of an abrupt bully imo,

Dare I say Jeremy Hunt? If I’m trying to be neutral, but personally I’m drawn to Rory Stewart.

Also for the first 20 minutes there were 3 or 4 questions and everyone basically repeated the same answer from the 1st question over and over.

Catching up now on +1.
The first thing that has struck me is that they seem to be criticising situations, the state of the nation in a variety of aspects, yet it was their party that have created the fucking mess.
They are all aboard the sincerity train. Believe them at your peril.
Not that we get to choose who becomes PM. Democracy at its finest.

Rory Stewart is the only one willing to confront the nuts and bolts of Brexit directly. They’re all Tories though

Gove was hilarious, in full bluster soundbite mode- total mentalist


Raab is 100% dead inside


Boris is watching on TV over a nice Petrus

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I didn’t mind Rory Stewart. I know they are all Tories but he actually seemed like he vaguely lived in the real world.

Rory Stewart is by far and away the best of the bunch, which is why he stands a snowball’s chance in hell of winning it. His “universal citizen’s service” thing for kids seems like it’d be an utter nightmare as well.

I was watching it as I went to bed last night. Don’t recall that bit - can you explain or shall I look it up haha.

From his Twitter a few weeks ago.

I understand that point. But how in the flying fuck can our country afford that?

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