Revoke Article 50

It’s like he’s compelled to talk absolute shite at all times. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him drop his guard and come across as even slightly genuine. I know people like to say that all politicians lie but I don’t feel like I have even the slightest inkling of who this cunt actually is.

Watching the debate on itv.

Boris is being called out on every claim he’s made by J.Hunt so far.

No idea what the Tory membership has been hearing if this is the Boris landslide it’s been made out to be.

Odd, isn’t it?
And they’re both very protective of the party.
Both dread the possibility of losing the next GE and the collapse of the party which seems to be their ultimate MO with Brexit as a smokescreen.
It’s rather odd that these debates are broadcast while the majority of the UK can only watch while an insanely small minority get access to democracy to decide which of these two cretins runs the country.

Why are they having these debates? The public don’t get to choose who becomes the PM anyway, so what is the point? May didn’t have to do all this palaver when she took over from Cameron.

Is it the tories way of fooling the public in to believing they were some how involved, to keep them from wanting a general election?

Smokescreen/spin so the can bide time and push some other shit through that they don’t want us to know and cause a stink about.
Or, they are just a bunch of bumbling fools running around with no clue and can’t proceed with anything until this is sorted.

I reckon it’s a mix of both. Dark fuckers pulling strings and making shit happen behind the scenes and idiots running around like loons as a distraction.

Andrew Neil has flayed Jeremy Hunt alive but he is absolutely eviscerating Boris Johnson. He’s taking him apart one atom at a time.

Not that it matters.

Caught the last 10 mins and it didn’t make comfortable viewing.

I liked the part where Boris brought up this chapter such and such paragraph B that he bangs on about as brexits saving grace,

And Andrew Neil asked him if he knew what was in paragraph C, his answer was an awkward no.

Woops I thought this was live. I’ve tried to go dark on Brexit because it’s just too depressing but it’s being played in its full brutal agony on five live.

It’s hard to believe he’s still trying to use Gatt24 when it was debunked over 2 years ago. And over and over and over and over in the last few weeks. The fucking chancing twat.


Both potential leaders were absolutely humiliated in those interviews, I can’t remember the last time that politicians in their position were shown up so badly in public debate when they’re this close to becoming PM.

Yeah, it’s hard to keep focus on Brexit when you’re too busy worrying about Boris being PM, who could then subsequently hit a big nasty Brexit red button and somehow, not give a fuck and blame all and sundry for the mess it leaves them in.

It’s scary how little Boris seems to know about anything. Posh accent. Expensive education. Thick as pigshit.

He is genuinely, terrifyingly ignorant about almost anything and everything to do with brexit.

It’s even more terrifying that it doesn’t matter how little he knows about Brexit because the people about to make him our prime minister are as just as ignorant as him. They have to be because why else would you ever vote for him?

Jeremy Hunt wasn’t much better mind.

He’s in this weird zone where he has to temporarily pretend to be a complete nutbag for a little while but has to fudge things so that he doesn’t make himself look like a total turnip. It’s weird.

This was always going to happen no matter who was the candidate. A no deal Brexit is just a completely insane, deranged project that doesn’t make any sense and can’t be argued for by any rational, sensible person but they have to do it because Nigel Farage will fuck them up royally if they don’t. :nauseated_face:

I wonder just how low this can actually go?

It’s sunk so deep already but there is still fathoms of shit left to shovel before this country reaches it’s absolute total nadir.

I need a big fucking drink and a wash after listening to that.

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Thick as pig shit he is not.
It’s all too easy to gloss over the intentions and actions of a man by highlighting his stupidity,
It’s charming to some and feckless to others, probably himself included, but it works.
He ducked out of the last leadership challenge pretty early on, to the surprise of many.
May was handed that job and Boris was always going to be the replacement.
These people are not stupid or thick, this shit is Tory party chess.
The other matches are just little side games.

Unfortunately I would have to agree there, he’s played the game very well in order to get to this position but that interview was a total disaster all the same. I’m also not sure how much he’ll be able to get away with blagging it if he actually becomes PM, people like Blair and Cameron (as much as I dislike them) were actually pretty competent debaters and statesmen, Boris is nowhere near that level.

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