Shop Riot 2022 Leeds video/photos

Maybe not thread-worthy but it is the best event of the year and the only thing that gives a fair shout to almost every corner of the country.

Overview video by our very own recently married @sk8arrog8 below

Article with words by Jono Coote and photos by various here or down there on Tom Brown.

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It’s easy to forget in a world of sponsored content handjobs that Vans are the only brand paying for 20 shops and their retinue to hang out, skate, drink and be merry.

Big up skate shops.


Yeah a massive big up to Manhead, Amanda and the rest of the Vans guys for doing this! Was really great to have all the homies up in Leeds for the weekend.

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The new DIY bits at the Works look well fun

Its an absolute highlight of the year for the KVLT shop and my self . Vans just nail it so well keeping it skate shops and friends, a vibe you don’t get at a public contest these days . ( reminds me of pioneer and Radlands comps of the 90’s .
It’s sure is a “let your hair down “ weekend for all, and boy those that do -do it well haha!

It’s a great thing vans do , absolutely privileged to be able to go to these for the last 5 events and hopefully as long as the shop stays above water we’ll all be there for the next.

This years one was something else , the levels were ridiculous. Route one clearly flash the cash to get their riders especially Sharky .
But the skater of the weekend was Dean . Fuck me did he smash the back doors out of both parks on Saturday.
He won skateboarding that weekend .